I Had A Bad Fall- LOL!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by steach, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. steach

    steach Member

    Hi Friends-

    You might remember my post about the fatigue- well, I have been in pain lately.

    During and after my move back to my hometown, I was dealing with extreme fatigue. A few days ago I had a really bad fall which is now causing major pain.

    Since I couldn't sleep, I thought I'd go for a walk, just a little after midnight. It was dark and I was trying so hard to watch for uneven sidewalks, etc. I was a block away from home and stepped off a sidewalk to cross an alley- sure enough, I stepped down into a "pot hole" and fell flat on my stomach/chest!! LOL It knocked the wind out of me and all I could do was to lay there telling myself that I had to get up! I couldn't reach my cell phone b/c it went flying too far from my reach. I finally got up and got my cell phone. Since I was only a block away from home and I hobbled the rest of the way. When I got home, I found that my knees and hands were all scratched-up and and bleeding.

    Since then, I have been in a lot of pain. My right side (by my ribs) still hurts, I think I may have broken my "pinky" finger on my right hand, and I'm skined-up and bruised- not to mention that I twisted my ankle!

    The moral of my story is: don't take a chance of walking at night when you can't see or take a walker with you!!! LOL We don't need any unnecessary injuries!

    Just thought I'd share my painful but ungraceful story with you!

  2. DemonFairy

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    I'm sorry that you fell - RICE, rest, ice, ice, ice, compression and elevation. Sometimes the ice can work miracles right after an injury. You should've seen my partner's arm after our 100lb dog bit her (she was saving the 15lb dog's life at the time) - it was scary looking and we were worried about permanent damage, but the ice (and Ibuprofen...oh, okay, and Oxycodone for the pain) calmed everything down. She's a mass of ugly looking bruises and she has some lumps from his teeth, but most of it doesn't really hurt her and it's all because of the immediate icing. So, if it's too late, remember it for next time. Hang in there...most of us have had a fall of some sort. When I had my herniated disk, I fell on the bottom step of the stairs. My leg just suddenly had zero strength and collapsed under me. It was scary.

    I'm glad that you weren't hurt any more seriously, and glad that you plan to be more careful in the future.
  3. hannahfaid

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    My legs and upper back are my worst pain areas.. I walked into my

    coffee table, right into my knee... This happened about 2 weeks ago and

    its still sore and swollen... If I get on my knees for a reason its worse

    the rest of the day... I have 2 flights of stairs..OUCH!!! the stiars are

    just exacerbating it... But I gotta sleep!! LOL bedroom upstairs!! dogs

    need to go out and I am stiff as a board and knee just starts up right

    away.... the poor muscle recovery we get is just horrible...very


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