I Had A Biopsy Taken Of My Scalp Last Week

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I think I have mentioned before that I have been bothered by what I call this awful crusty crap on my scalp for well over a year. The doc calls it scalp psorosis.

    I have been to a dermatologist twice about it and have alternated with 2 different type of meds on it -- a steroid solution and some type of oil.

    They have not helped it and it is absolutely driving me CRAZY!!!

    So, in July I called the dermatologist back for another appointment. Next appt. was in October!!

    I finally went last week and she took a biopsy of my scalp. It required 2 stiches to my surprise.

    I have been in so much pain lately with my back, hips, knees, and legs that I asked her if my daughter (a doc, too) could take the stitches out for me. She said that was OK! So, thankfully, I won't have to drive 45 minutes and go through a big ordeal just to walk into her office.

    The stitches finally come out tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon! I can't wait!! They kind of pull and I'm anxious to get them out.

    I will have to wait until Thursday to call the office and find out the results! If she tells me again that's it's scalp psorosis and that I will have this for the rest of my life, I think I'll just call it quits now!!! LOL

  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I haven't been posting much on the board, just reading mostly.

    Matt waited a long time to see a dermatologist and she thought he had Discoid Lupus, but the test was negative. However since he stopped using the cream on his arm, the rash is coming back. She took a biopsy of his leg and he has a patch of sores on his scalp that he kept scratching so the hair isn't growing back. It all sounds like Discoid Lupus to me.

    I'm wondering if what you have would be Discoid Lupus too. You have lupus anyway. So curious about this. You may want to ask your doctor if this is possible.

    Good luck on the results. At least you don't have to make a drive there to find out.

    I'm on Keflex for an infection and have to go back for a recheck on 10/24.

    Take care and hope everything turns out okay.


  3. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

    So thats what that is! I seen a dermatologist and he called it acute dermatitis with no tx of it. My hair tends to fall out in the area the crust builds up on, then some thing close to like scars - crust. Almost like a scap. If I itch it then it leaks a bit but gadually goes away only to return each time I get an infection in my bod. At the same time I noticed i am in complete body spasms.

    Thanks for the info. Sheesh I should have my insurances pay you for the DX. I tell you some of them docs out there...sheesh!


  4. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    i have the same thing and it is driving me crazy!
    did a scalp biopsy and found all kind of stuff which i dont know exactly what it means. but the diagnosis was also psiorasis! i dont think that this dd is correct. did some research on the web, will post it when i can. in the moment i am on a diferent computer , because my lap top i broken and dont have acces to all my stored files.
    i lost a incredible amount of hair and the white stuff which comes out smells like yeast. it was so bad it went into the ear and eye lids.
    i also ave more problems with muscle pain and weekness and MS like symptoms, cant walk with one leg. getting worse week by week. But for the scalp i used neospirin creme, which helped to solve the worsed for the moment. that was actually i think and advice i got from someboy here on the board a few monthes ago.
    isn't strange that so manz of us have this problem and that other symptoms corelate (spl?)????
    p.s. i got also locked jaw when it was at its worsed.
    i think it is a fungus, will check for the name in my papers.
    let's stay in touch
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I haven't been on alot either. I am usually on the Porch.

    I did read your post about your gastric bypass and how horrible you have been feeling.

    I am still having the same issues with my scalp. It started to clear up a bit or maybe just slow down when I was on penicillan for the dental surgery.

    It started again when I ended the meds. Then I had to go back on abx again for my gums after a week I had to stop because of the side effects, the nasty belly thing, spent half the night in the bathroom.

    I have not wanted to go to a Dr about it. I spent all summer at the Drs. I am using the steroid liquid plus medicated Rx shampoo.

    Who did you go to? I am curious at to what they find.

    I am sorry you are feeling so much pain, I know this weather doesn't help- hang in there and let me know what the test says.

    BTW- I get another set of new teeth made next week! The 2 Drs talked and spoke to corp hdgtrs and all argreed - no charge. I can't wait to have my smile back. You don't realize how much you miss something till it's gone- Carla
  6. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    tree oil shampoo it comes in a dark green bottle .you need to buy it at the hair dresser .

    it kinda tingles your scalp but it works good .you can rotate shampoos and I noticed it helped after about a month of shampoos every two to three days.

    good luck
  7. webintrig

    webintrig New Member

    and I am going through it now with my scalp itching..a hairdresser told me what it was and what to get.

    I use Therapeutic T/Gel by Neutrogena. They have it over the counter by the shampoo.

    It had helped me once before when I had the crust problem.

    Hope this helps,
  8. darude

    darude New Member

    Sorry to hear about all of this! My friend has a crusty scalp and it was due to an infection. I don't know what but to do with the fact she has Lupus. She finally had her head shaved and wears a wig when goes out. It's gone now but shes likes her new DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ya and Gatric Bypass with all your health problems? I wouldn't go near it very risky for someone like you. Love Annie the Londoner
  9. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    i just wanted to add, i started with Flax Seeds , which apparently should help with hair loss. i feel an immidate improvement in shine and less hairloss.
    by karina

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