I had a good weekend and came down with a cold and a flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 1, 2006.

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    What a thing to do.I got to the camping site and just as the rain did. Anda it rained , and rained and rained. Then the sun came out and it was COLD and then it rained. This happened everyday I was there even Monday when we broke up camp and came home , it was cooler instead of cold.

    But since that time I have really been achy and my head aches, and throat hurts. I have started with this darn cough.I don't know if you ever get it but every time I get a cold I get a cough and it is somewhere between a smokers cough and croup. It hurts like heck to cough and it is so hard to breathe. I am coughing so hard that it hurt with each breath I take.

    But for me that is normal. I have had this kind of cough all of my life. In fact my doctors used to tease me with this line ( I don't smoke ) I would go in with this cough and get told this" You need to change brands, maybe try menthyols" HA HA NOT FUNNY!!!! They got a laugh out of it but when your coughing so hard that it hurts to breathe making jokes are not funny.
    But I have dealt with it for years.
    MY biggest worry is that I will end up with phenumonia and i really don't want that. I have had it 5 times now and each time my 02 levels drop and I end up in the hospital with the 02 on and I don't like it. But I have started to use the inhalers to keep my lungs open and I am breathing deeper with each breath that I take. That way I am not going to have as many problems I hope.

    But I have this headache that is driving me nuts. I have the achey body , joints and muscles. My throat is dry and I just am feeling like someone has beeten me up . And then tossed me in front of a mack truck.

    At least I am not up in the moutians in the rain freezing . I am home and nice and warm. So there is something good about that. I am just tired and In the past week I have been under some great stress as I had to go to my disability phyiclal orthopedic exam on saturday. I was so stressed out by the thought of that exam that I had not slept well in days and I being all stressed my muscles were so tight so no wonder I am flaring. Spend a week of so with tight muscles and a daughter comming to visit and not wanting to go back to her job in Ct .

    It was hard to see her so upset at the thought of leaving her family once again in the past 4 years.
    MY grandson has a bad cold as does his mother and my husband has been really sick for the past 3 days { HE even stayed home from work} He never stays home from work when he is sick, so I am worried about him. HIs sugar has been to high over the past weekend. HE is diebetic so I have been worried , nbut there is not much that I can do about him and what he eats. HE is law unto him self.

    So having me not feel good as well as the my 14 month old grandson ill , his mom sick and the hubby sick. It is enough to make some one sick too.

    So I am going to go and lay down to see it I can get rid of this head ache. Take care HUGS TO ALL,
    Love Rosemarie

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