i had a nasty phone call from some h.s. kid i guess

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  1. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have been super tired all week or longer more than the usual...drained...talking backwards in my statements...tongue tied...can't think...what i was talking about..

    well came to a mental block on my english composition writing assignemtns...told my son i would be going to bed now...

    i was up dealing w/child support early yesterday morning...from like 7 am..then math class...i did get an "a" on my first math test..in lab...yipee..

    then came home had to deal with more section 8 voucher paperwork...i had 9 am appt there before my 2 hour lecture in math...

    so anyways..

    i fell asleep..then around 1:02 am..phone rings...some prevert....won't say the things he was saying he wanted me to do to him...

    hung up on him...he called back again this went on until 6:45 am...i called polce they were to mail a complaint for the phone company...

    i had a class start at 10:30 am..i had to drive my son to school at 7:40 am...he said he didn't hear the phone ring...

    countem 8 times from 1 am...i tried unplugging my phone in my bedroom, ended up unpluggling the alarm closck...this jerk was going into big time details...etc,, i told him i called the police and he siad he didn't care...

    which i really did...

    can yo ubelieve this 16 or `17 year old was still calling today and at around 5:15 pm...

    well anyways...just ranting...i called the phone comepany..i am so darn tired it isn't funny...

    typos i see them and i am sorry...

    so i can only get phone callers that reveal who they are...

  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    You have to get one of those P.E. whistles and blow it
    in the pervert's ear as soon as he starts talking!!
    The sicko will be shocked, although you Son will most
    likely sleep right thru it all. That football can ware
    a guy out!

    You can buy a devise that you can place on your phone
    (Radio Shack) I think, and you can record for the police
    Dept. It's all so cowardly! Are you sure it's a teen?

    Are you able to drive the car to School or is the Trans
    still slipping!! Sounds as if you started out well with
    school. Proud of ya!!

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    knock on wood...transmission has been ok for a this week...i just really need to make sure i have the car on drive and not overdrive...when in overdrive it slips...

    the thing about recording a phone call....it is agains the law in california to record anyone's phone call w/o them being notified first that the phone call is being recorded..felony believe it or not...

    but i could just say it is being recorded...but yesterday he didn't seem to care when i told him i called the police...

    so it is foggy there? i can't wait to sleep today...i need to take something for my tummy problems right now...

    then go to bed til the morn...then drop off cody at school then he wants me to bring the car buy at school for him so he can come home during blitz day....

    they are selling novato high football gold cards...discounts like buy one lg. ice cream cone/get one free at ben and jerry's in san rafael/greebrea...

    and other establishments...

    so he wants to come home and relax by the pool...i am going to journey concert in concord paviallion w/some friends...and one friend's husband...just the four of us...
    cody told me he wanted to go w/me...i said janette already bought us tickets for four...and i don't know if she could get one right next to the same seating..

    that will be my friday i hope...sleep a little cleaning up...maybe read by the pool...relax..

    and thanks for the kudo's...so far so good...

    i really have alot of reading and research papers to dod...

    i may need to pay my son if he has anytime to type up my papers for psychology....then he can hit the spell check..etc..just to save my hands..

    but one day at a time..oh yeah the person on the phone first claimed he was 16 years old then he said 17 years old...

    asked me wouldn't he go out w/someone this young...i am being polite here...and he does sound about that age..i have one myself...he will be 17 december 21 this year..

    then next year is his senior year...crap i need to start looking into him taking his sat's an act's...

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  4. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    their number from caller ID? I hope the police catch him.

    Congrats on your A on your Math test!!!
  5. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Sorry to hear about those phone calls-just what you need. hope the police can catch this person.... Sounds like you have a great start in college- proud of ya!!! Keep up the good work... Question to you are you on SSD?

    I am not sure, i will get mine but I am starting vocational training and have not been able to work since last year and don't know how good I will be to be re-trained, plus I cannot work full time when I get through only some part time- not sure how SSD will look at that( I should have applied for it last November or before)

    Anyways the Best to you..
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just read your message and it sounds as if it's gonna' be
    a fun weekend for you! It is sooo foggy this morning
    here it looks more like January and cool too! Don't think
    I'll be going to Mill Valley tonite to see my friends as
    there has been an unexpected change in my Buddys work
    schedule this week. I am invited though to Dinner tomor-
    row night at my Nieces house in San Bruno. I take Bart and
    she picks me up at the station. So fun and E-Z!!
    She has a 3 1/2 year old Daughter that I'm saving for one of my
    little guys in Marin!!

    Let me know what Psychology class you are taking out
    of interest. Be sure to get that whistle as soon as
    you can and help contribute to the list of "hearing

    "Talk" later, P.S. Glad the car is getting you around
    MRDAD as it seems yrs. ago I had a similar
    problem with my '57 Bel Aire and
    it cleared up. (overfill)
    MRDAD Trans!!

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  7. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    annoying (and creepy) phone calls like this. Not real often, but enough to be perturbed.

    I tried the phone company's recommended advice of phone calls (call certain tracing number each time...3rd one will enable phone company to trace)...but this is what ended up working for me:

    I answer phone and discover it's the slimy talker (ok, mostly a breather), say "wait, wait!...don't hang up!, I'll be right back! Going to get a cigarette..." (no, I don't smoke). Then I'd leave the phone off hook for rest of the night. A whistle is effective also.

    I had fun toying with it, as I really wasn't frightened, assuming a caller was probably not interested in REAL encounters. Had it happened more often or the caller been even creepier (like yours sounds), it would have shook me up. Hope yours is "fixed" soon.
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i woke up from my nap..it happened 8 times...i put the call management on last night no more phone calls last night..

    well thank you for the whistle adivice...but this one has some obivious problems..

    well i have a bout five hours to get a shower...and do all things i want to do...

    the concert is going to be outside tonight...so i wonder how cold it may get tonight...like god we have seats...my son wanted to go with me..but i can only get him lawn seats...i don't know if he would want to hang by himself or not..

    but i will leave him the car he can go get a bite to eat and relax...tonight..

    i will email you all make again soon

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It should be pretty warm in Concord tonite as it is
    of course one of the warmest places in the Bay Area.
    But like we do in S.F., layer clothing so we can take
    things off and if things change, put 'em back on!

    Have a great time!

  10. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    *57 is the call trace that the phone company will offer.

    Be careful though. The phone company doesn't educate the customer very well on how & when to use it, as well as how much it's going to cost.

    When the person calls, and you press *57 after their call - it has to be done within 30 minutes of the call, and it has to be the last call received.

    Each time you press *57, you are charged $5.00 - Some phone companies are now starting to charge $10.

    After you've traced the call, you'll get a message telling you either a)"Your call has been successfully traced." or b)"We were unable to trace this call." <b>At no point in time will you get the number yourself.</b>

    In order to be considered 'harrassment' 3 calls must be received within a 24 hour period from the same telephone number.

    Only law enforcement will have access to the traces with rights of a subpoena.

    If 3 calls within 24 hours are received from the same phone number and are successfully traced, you are then given the legal right to press criminal charges. Oddly enough, you'll still never be provided with the persons phone number in order to block it.


    The type of call block you have, unfortunately still sometimes allows people to get around it by manually punching in a false number. As well, most times it stops you from receiving any type of collect call. Just incase it's important to you to be able to receive collect calls because of kids or emergencies, just give your phone company a quick call to see if it's an option with your service.

    Kids & crank callers can be a pain in the butt - but sometimes the phone company can be an even bigger one for the information they chose not to tell you!

    (Can you tell I worked for them?)

  11. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    jodie let an answer machine pick up and tape what he says .someone may recognized his voice. let it tape as many times as he calls.

    this tape can also be used to prosecute him if someone finds out who it is.

    call the phone company and they can set up a trace on your phone.

    not to freak you out but be aware of people around you when you are out it could be a real person with a big problem.

    get the whistle and put it on your key chain. Be careful
    and tell your kids to do the same.

    there are lots of freaks out there do not take it lightly

    I had things like this happen years ago. A man called me he described me and knew my children's names where we lived it scared the He... out of me. He left his name the dumbie my husband and cousins husband looked it up in the phonebook and drove by his home .It was across from a mental hospital. At the time I lived on a military base and reported it to the post Sgt major .The man never called back after that .My husband thought it was probably a worker on post. We think he got a police warning.

    It was so scary at the time . I worried so much about my children. I also have had other X rated calls at different times thought the years .I try not to answer my phone after 9 at night my husband does.

    I feel soooo bad for you ,let us know what happens

    I also had young boys call my home years ago and say they were going to kill my son .That was scary.My sons knew who it was so the next time tell called I picked up and called him by name told him I had a tape and its a federal offence to say you are going to kill someone on a phone and I would proscute him if I ever get another call.That worked.

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  12. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    My mom who is divorced and lives alone had a similar prob a few years ago with a phone pest.

    She got an answering machine and warned all friends and family that she would not pick up and they had to speak on the machine - if she was home and heard a voice she recognized, she would pick up. (This was before they had caller ID and all that)

    Then she got my big brother to record the message on the answering machine, saying "WE can;t come to the phone, leave a message." This gave the impression that she did not live alone and that there was a male on the premises.

    The phone calls stopped soon after that.

    I also liked Mable's response. LOL!
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and i did get the paperwork from the police to start the process..but he hasn't called since friday...so i guess he got bored...he never leaves meassage on the phone..

    thank you everyone