I had an awful day!!! Social Security lost my disability file..............

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    Hi everyone,
    I haven't been here for a while but I had an awful day and need to vent. I went to SSA with copies of past tax returns that I filed but did not show on my statement of earnings. In the letter they stated that they needed copies of w2's or self employment taxes for the years in question. I am doing this because I am at the hearing level for my SSDI. Well the receptionist tells me I have to wait to speak with someone in the back office because I failed to bring the canceled checks proving I paid the taxes. I got pretty upset because the conversation with the rep in Sacramento and the letter never mentioned proof of payment. I don't live near a Social Security office so I had to have someone drive me the 70 miles to deliver the info. Anyway when I get to the back office mass confusion broke out. She was told I was there to file for disability. Mind you I requested a hearing in May of last year. I applied for SSDI in April of 2001 and my purpose of being there was to add the earnings to my record. Well she told me that there was no record of my claim in the computer. I began to panic. She said that the wait for a hearing is usually about 18 months and it hasn't quite been a year, so that is probably why I haven't heard from them. Well come to find out, my disability file was sitting there in the office and had not been forwarded to the office of hearings. She promised to send it out today but it would be at least 18 months before a hearing. I don't know how I am going to make it another 18 months. I have never felt so hopless and discouraged in my life. I am a single mom with 2 small children. Their father and I split up in 1995 and he left the country in 98.
    I applied for welfare and my doctor filled out the paperwork for a medical exemption based on my physical disabilities that would exempt me from participating in the 32 hour a week work activity. The request was denied and so they sanctioned me for non-participation. Today I went to a hearing to have the medical exemption re-evaluated and the judge said that my doctor needed to fill out the necessary documents in order for the county to re-evaluate. He wouldn't allow me to submit the forms that were previously used because procedures have changed. Now I know why my doc hates paperwork for disability. No one listens to him anyway so why should he waste his time.
    I can't believe that I have worked for 32 years and now at the age of 41 I am in desperate need of help and I can't get it.
    I started working at our family restaurant when I was 7 yrs old. I filed my first tax return when I was 12. I have worked and payed taxes my entire life and for what? I feel so degraded and what little pride I had left is gone now after today.
    The kids and I are living with my boyfriend but he is having a hardtime dealing with my illness. Everyday he reminds me that this is not how he wants to spend the rest of his life. He constantly says that he can;t do this anymore. I thought today would help my financial situation but instead I will have to wait another year and a half for a hearing for my disability and I have to beg my doctor to fill in the paperwork for the welfare dept. and that will only give me an extra $120 a month. The kids and I live on less than 600 a month and thats if I can manage to do a few haircuts a week.
    Well I vented and thanks in advance for those of you who took the time to read this. Everyone on this board is great. Ciao 4 Now
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    What a mess they have left you in ha. I can not believe what you been going through. I think if I were you I would raise some heck with the SS office. Call them everyday if you have to to get this with the hearing going. It is an expected wait of 18 months now it is their fault that the file was lost not yours and I would really be adoment about getting placed where you rightfully should be on the list for a hearing. Contact your Governor or something to get this claim going, it may help. I mean we are only given 60 days to appeal so why should we have to butted to the back of the line in their error if you know what I mean? As for everything with the welfare I am sorry I have no knowledge of what to do there.
    I would consider moving in with family though if your boyfriend is treating you like this. You and your children do not deserve to live somewhere that it is thrown in your face that you are ill everyday. Can you get child support or are you to help you care for your children?
    I hope things go okay for you. i will pray for you and God bless you. I hope the stress calms soon for you and things can get turned around and going okay for you.
    Take care okay.
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    I agree with Joannie1, I would be doing some calling. We have to waith long enough for them and get things done within their time limits. You should not have to be put at the end of the line. Did you make a copy (or have a copy) of when you requested your hearing. You could send a copy of that in to prove when you requested and that it is not your fault that that office did not do their job.

    I don't blame you for being mad. Just remember we are here for you. Don't give up, I know things look bad now. I try to tell myself that no matter how bad things are for me, that there is someone else that is worse off and I should be thankful.

    As for your boyfriend. He is only causing you more stress. That is only "MY OPINION". He should be reassuring, comforting, loving, helpful and bringing your spirts up not down. I have been blessed with a very understanding partner even when I am stressed and irritable, my partner just smiles and says whatever possible to make me laugh and chill out.

    I was at my interview with SS yesterday to get my application completed and sent off. They said it would be about 4 months before I heard anything. The man that did the interview was very kind, understanding and helpful. I am praying for you.

    best wishes
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    It’s a shame and they are Damnnnnnn lucky that it was you instead of me. I would raised a corner of HE double chops sticks LL and slid someone or all of them under it. You need to call, email, or what ever your Senators, your Governor, your Congressman, do you get the jest of my e-mail. All of these people work for you. Send them a copy of the letter you just posted on the board. There is nothing wrong with getting knocked down by all the B/S we face in dealing with this DD, but not from someone that is supposed to work for us. Get back up and wipe your nose and start getting them copies sent. Good luck, we all need to think about setting up a war plans for dealing with issues like this, you know get all of the e-mail addresses of all the State and Federal power people. I guess you get the picture, get out there a fight.
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    Hi, I am so sorry for your troubles with ss. We have so little energy as it is. My answer to save them all alot of time and money is send in a rep. through ss. for a day or 2 and see how we truly live then tell me no or loose my records and live with a clear consciense. My doc told me one time I was sicker than all his patients on disability put together and I still got turned down. Finally after yrs. I did get ssd. I fought for yrs not to do so as many of us had. I was told by a ss attorney that they pay drs. $175,000 per yr. to review records in their spare time. So you can imagine how much time they spend on reviewing because they have to go through so many to get their pay. I say just(( send them here and observe!!!!!)) Keep plugging they may just show up I know it isn`t easy but they want you to go away don`t let them, get angry enough to push someone`s buttons till you get some results.
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    Do you have a lawyer helping you file for disabiliy ? If not , look in the yellow pages and call several who specialize in disabilities.Find one who has had success with cases of our type.
    I did. I don' think I could have managed without her.
    Good luck.
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    Social Security representative wrote a letter that I signed and put it in my file. The letter stated that I had asked for the hearing within the 60 day time period and that the reason for it arriving late to the office of hearings had nothing to do with me. I asked her why doesn't she put the truth in the letter and tell them that my file remained on the desk of the rep. that took the paperwork for my request for a hearing. She ignored that question. As for getting representation, I have been trying to find an attorney but because of my screwed up earnings record SS says that I was last insured for SSDI in Dec. 1999. Every attorney I have talked to says that it wouldn't be worth it for them to take the case. I finally realised that it's because if I don't win SSDI but do win SSI the attorney fees are not withheld from the backpay. I went to SS office with my tax returns because that would move my insured date up to later than 12/99. But since they told me they wanted the cancelled checks also I doubt they will credit my earnings statement. The yrs in question are 87, 88, 89, 94, and 95. How many of you keep your cancelled checks from that far back. Well thats all for now. thanks again for all your replies.
    Love Sandy