I Had an eye exam today

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by mollystwin, May 23, 2008.

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    Today I went to get my eyes tested. It's been 3 years because I've been so busy. To save money I decided to try Costco for exam and glasses. I was worried about getting my exam done there, but thought, what the heck.

    This guy really surprised me! He knew all about lyme disease!! Not how to treat it, but how to identify eye issues that could be lyme related. And he knew all about the problems with testing etc. He was not aware of the controversy at all.

    When I told him that some drs didnt' believe in chronic lyme he said "Of course there is chronic lyme" Then he gave me a lengthy explanation of the lyme spirochette and talked about lyme being the great imitator etc. It was stuff I already knew, but was just amazed that he knew it too!! He reads all his medical journals and read some articles and remembered everything!! I was just amazed! When I told him even my PCP didn't understand lyme and thought I was crazy he said she wasn't keeping up on her reading and research!

    What an amazing doctor! He also gave me a very thourogh eye exam. And to think I was reluctant to go there!!

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    The Costco eye exam was very affordable. The exam was $55 and if you wanted the dialation it was 10 more. Everywhere else was much higher.

    I got a pair of bifocals for 139 and another regular pair for 125. Both pair and the exam were less than what Molly paid for one pair of glasses somewhere else!!!

    And there are lots of fashionable frames to choose from as well.


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    My eye doctor is also very Lyme literate and always uses a slit lamp to make sure I don't have iritis or uveitis. He also seemed surprised my Primary doc does not know about Lyme.

    My heart doctor knows a little, but most of his info comes from the IDSA docs at Yale (ugh). My stomach doc, and primary doc both know nothing and have no desire to learn it either.