I had an interesting Nuero appt- closer to diagnosis

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    Went to my neuro regarding the brain lesions. He was a very nice man and listened to everything. Took detailed notes. I told him all my symptoms and he reviewed my films. He came back in with this confused look on his face. He said that he has not seen this very often but was just talking about this with another doctor that day. He said my lesions "could" be early MS but probably not. I need to have another MRI in six months. We started talking about CFS and he said that he was talking to the head of Neuro and another doctor today and there was an article regarding "non-specific" brain lesions in CFS patients. The head of the department is doing some research on it because they are starting to see more and more of these lesions in people who also have or will have a diagnosis of CFS and FM. He said he is going to do some research but suggested my next stop be a Rhumetologist because my symptoms are defenetely not caused by the lesions, but the lesions are a symptom of the problem. I feel like this was good info that maybe Neuros are looking into this too.
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    Hey, I thought it was just Fibrofog. That's interesting tho abit scary. I wonder how many of us have the same problem.
    Take care, Day
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    A neurologist who actually believes CFS may exist, and keeps an open mind about new research, etc.???? Wow, I've HEARD these creatures actually exist, but I've never seen one myself!!!

    Seriously, you are way ahead of the game in that this neuro office seems up to date with new research, and actually acknowledges FM & CFS are real illnesses. My neuro refused to acknowledge anything of the kind, and her main service to me was to run every test imaginable to eliminate every other possibility-----which was good in itself----before she threw up her hands & sent me packing to the rheumatologist. I think it's very positive that you have found one of those rare neuros---also that they feel MS is only an outside possibility. Keep us informed!

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    In case you are interested