I had major sugeryfibro pain or sugery pain???SO CONFUSED

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    I WAS DIAGNOSED IN 1999 WITH DEEP TISSUE FIBROMYALGIA PAIN.About three years ago I started having back pain that got worse as time went on. It radiated into the left leg clear down to my foot. I had an MRI and it showed advanced DDD.(DEGNERATIVE DISK DISEASE)I tried everything-but the pain got dibilitating. So surgery is what I did. (four cages,to replace discs ,rods and screws to hold them)I am two and a half weeks post op. Yesterday I had a good day. I woke up this morn with PAIN in my whole body. Could it be the fibro. flaring up> I was on my feet a lot yesterday and maybe overdid it?? I am still taking pain meds.(I have a long history of surgeries)Which is why the Drs. think I developed fibromyalgia. (trauma)Just need some input if anyone has ever been through this. sunshineno2
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    Sunshine: I've had several surgeries and my doctors, knowing I had fibro, were very helpful with my pain meds afterwards. I did fairly well, although it took a little longer to get back to work than expected.

    Just wanted to respond and bump so you'd get more responses.

    Take care and best wishes!
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    Hi Sunshine,

    Congratulations on getting through your surgery successfully. I also have FMS and am scheduled for spinal surgery Monday. I follow a website for scoliosis patients who are recovering and they all say that if they do too much one day, they will know it and pay for it with pain for a couple days. Your FMS probably makes you more prone to this, as well.

    My dr. did say that it will be hard to tell afterwards if my pain is from the FMS or the scoliosis.

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    you will have extra pain because fibro people are more sensitive to tiny aches. they feel like paul bunyon aches. your pain could last longer due to stress of the surgery. i had an adrenal gland taken out and could not walk to my back porch for 3 1/2 weeks. i live in a small house.
    when i had dental work, the pain was worse because of our ultra sensitivity. you will need more rest, not necessarily sleep. take your meds right, even though almost doubling sounds good, it won't work any faster. you just get stupider sounding to others. watch a lot of comedys. or just teens, they are always good for enjoyment. i do love kids and appreciate the laughter they can give. use breathing exercises too. hope this helps. oh yeah, some of it is in our heads......the pain references from our body!!!
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    age does make a difference!
    Hey Mable, You are so right about age!! I Had my first majoe surgery when I was 38. I am now 54. OUCH!!! Anyway, I did call the assistant of my surgeon, and he said it was normal, and that what was happening is that blood and fluids from the incision sight are draining down into my extrenities and that why I am feeling the pain in my legs. (excruciating leg pain is why I had the surgry)I was relieved that nothing was wrong.I do have arthritis in my hips and elswhere. So I have some other problems to cause pain. Thanks for reminding me of the age thing(TRULEY)I sometime forget that I am older. sunshineno2