I had my first acupuncture session on wed. and

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    afterwards for hours felt incredibly drained of all energy.....way worse than when the bad fatigue hits me. I did a search on the internet and found it's quite common.....that our body is trying to heal.

    This morning I was talking to my daughter about this and she said when she gets an intense massage she's always been told to drink tons of water the rest of the day to flush out the toxins that are released. I was never told this by the chinese acupuncture doctor. Interesting......and that makes me wonder if when we get the bad fatigue it's toxins that are moving around and we NEED to drink a lot of water to flush it out of the liver and kidneys.

    Several website said that IF water was not drunk to FLUSH, then pain would be felt in new places as the toxins were dispersed.

    Think about that!

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    and all in all I'm feeling a good shift re: pain. Drinking lots of clean water after any of this work is necessary and the workers need to tell their patients this.

    I read a summary about acupuncture on Wiki and it's a good read and talks about the needles on qi meridians and creating energy flow. Read up on this if you haven't.

    I've talked to many who do acupuncture and all have gotten good results....my neighbor went for 7 yrs and then ran out of money and will start up soon with our rheumy who does the acupuncture and is able to bill medicare with a code she uses...don't ask.

    Are you getting the electro stim and heat treatments?? These are the more advanced and deeper type treatments...

    I'm going to continue thru the end of the year, one treatment a week. I see subtle changes like my pain starts coming on at 6Am versus the 3-4AM and now taking my advil at 8-8:30 most mornings vs 5-6AM....So I know it's helping.

    It's not a quick fix, but if one can stay with it, it's worth every penny I believe.

    My gf has gotten a worse back pain issue come on recently and she's seen this chinese doc before, a couple yrs ago, and she decided to go back to him and has had 3 treatments already in a few days and is feeling a "high" from the work. Her treatments are $90 each.....but she is ok financially, so she can handle this.

    Keep us apprised on how things are going and hope you'll stay with it. jam
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    She used a "magnetic" lamp near by, saying it helps stimulate the needles. The problem is I can only lay on my left side, so I had to lean over a stack of pillow which were on the bed......that aggrivated my low back and brought on leg pains. Tomorrow I'm taking a larger, firm pillow and a couple smaller ones, hoping that if I sat on the edge of the bed I could hold on to the large pillow to brace my head and neck. She used about l2 needles on my neck and shoulders plus l on the top of my head. She explained that the head one joins the two meridians. She told me she would use more on saturday to open up more of the meridians.

    I was able to find a trigger spot on my lower shoulders so that also guided her as to the proper meridian.

    I've read up a lot on acupuncture, but I'm always looking for more. And I have no idea how much this is since we have insurance who helps pay. I was also given chinese herbs which I mix with hot water twice a day and drink. It tastes like burnt coffee but I don't have a problem swallowing it.

    She said I probably had a large amount of phlegm and that can cause tinnitus, meniers, vertigo, asthma, and allergies. The chinese herbs are to help dry it up and she's confident my ear troubles will also vanish.If it does that would be a miracle for me since I suffer quite a lot with it, along with the cervical spondolysis (sp) and other neck troubles.

    While I was waiting to talk with her I could smell moxibustion that someone else was having.....phew! It really bothers me so the receptionist was kind enough to open the front door for fresh air.
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    Reading my comments, from 2012, and noting when pain started to hit me in the AM, boy I've come a distance with these treatments....I still take 2 advil before bed which is 11PM or so and finding NOW that I'm not taking advil again until 10:30-11AM the next morning....and no waking at 3AM in pain....

    I'm back on the acupuncture wagon as I took a break for some Prolo which SADLY did not work after 2 pricey sessions, often more session are needed, depending on the chronic issues, but I could spend a $1000 or so and not get help....so I stopped after 2 sessions...

    So back on acupuncture and Moxa Sticks at home... The herbal Mugwort is strong but doesn't both me, it's the ancient herb in the Moxa Stick.. My rheumy can no longer get Medicare payments for acupuncture, so I'm now at a small clinic in WLA for $35/session....I can handle that for some time and see if I can get more relief in my knee and foot. jam
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    I'm MAINLY doing acupuncture for narley KNEE and reading this info about a German study of 15 sessions helping the OA knee.....I KNOW it's not quick but can be a lifelong treatment...and many do that for life as I've talked to some folks doing acupuncture. If it can help, it sure beats knee surgeries and all the ramifications of the surgeries:


    Some people say the ancient therapy of acupuncture really works to relieve pain
    – now ... It also helps regulate the body's nervous system, which can stimulate the
    ... In a German study, 304,674 people with knee OA who received 15 sessions of
    ... usual medical care had less pain and stiffness, improved function and better ...
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    I just re-read the above info via "cached" and sounds good to me re: Pain reduction......I have my mind set to about 15 sessions all in a row, one per week, and I can do that....my knee is chronic OA so needs a lot of time for any healing..... jam
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  7. I also get extremely tired after acupuncture, ever since getting sick. For me, I think it's when he works on my liver, because it's detoxing it, and when the toxins are released it makes me very tired. Like extremely tired. It usually goes away after a few hours, though.