I had my Mastectomy....

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  1. fairydust39

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    on the 11th of Jan. I am starting Chemo on Feb. 8th.
    I didn't have any reconstruction surgery. I am not feeling too good at this time and miss my husband which died from Cirrohsis 9/11/2007. It is so hard to go through this alone.My children stand by me but live out of state, a long way from me.
    I wonder what next?????
    Well I'm leaving it in God's hands and I am ready to go if he wants me.
    Please pray for me. I am getting very depressed.
    Hugs Shirley
  2. Nanie46

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    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through all of that suffering.

    Please make sure to talk to your Dr immediately about the depression. Maybe you already take a med for it, but if not, you sure could consider it for awhile at least. You've been through alot.

    Please don't give up. God hears us, and He will send you solace. Remember how much He suffered for us.

    Seek out some extra prayers and supportive visits from your church. You need extra support to make it through this difficult time.

    I will definitely pray for you...for healing physically and mentally, and the ability to cope with your losses.

  3. fairydust39

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    The Dr did give me some meds.(for depression) but I couldn't take it. I had a severe reaction to pain meds. Dilaudid ,Ultram ,and several more.Hives all over my body and throat closing. Now they won't give me anything !!
    There is so many things I'm allergic to,that they are afraid to give me anything now. I am afraid that will happen with the Chemo drugs too. Then I'm really in trouble. The church is praying for me and I go to church.
    THanks for the Prayers,
    Hugs Shirley

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  4. jinlee

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    My heart goes out to you, prayers to our God go up for you.
    You sound like one brave soldier, which I know comes from Jesus your Saviour.

    I was always taught "everyone lives happily everafter." It did not take me too long to find out the fallacy of that thinking

    It is what we do with what we are given that counts. It is hard when the road we are asked to walk is full of physical and mental pain. I pray your chemo goes well and the cancer is blown to bits, never to return.

    I give you a hug and wish you the best. The death of a loved one is so hard, so not understandable. I know your hubby is watching over you and is caring and sending you loving. It seems things happen in groups of two or threes when one thing happening at a time would be more than sufficient.

    Hold on to your faith and keep attending church for your support and find a support group both for the mastectomy and the grief of the loss of your life-mate.

    God's grace is sufficient!

    In Jesus Christ,
  5. jole

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    Pleas keep the faith and do not give up hope! Let the members here become your family of support, along with those of your church. I wish your kids were closer for you right now to help make all this easier, because it is no fun to go through so much alone.

    BUT remember that the Lord is with you always and will give you His hand to hold and His shoulder to lean on, and an all-knowing heart to encourage you and comfort you. I pray you will have a good outcome and that the chemo will work for you without any severe side effects.

    Friends - Jole
  6. fairydust39

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    When I get my Chemo ,I'll be in Morgantown hospital and my daughter lives in Morgantown too. So she will be with me when I get my 1st Chemo. My other daughter (in Manassas,Va.) is coming to be with me too. BUT they have to miss work and they can't miss everytime I get Chemo.
    So I will have to deal with it alone after the 1st time.

    20 years ago I told my husband that I would die of Cancer,
    and I didn't have it then. He said how do you know and I said,it was shown to me and I realized that was my fate.
    NOW I know God can change that,with a snap of his fingers.
    I am leaving this all in God's hands and I have faith that whatever happens will be God's will. I am ready to go to God when he wants me. I wasn't a bit surprised when they told me I had Cancer,I already knew but was hoping I was wrong. Things like that has happened to me all my life. I just know things!
    Just continue to Pray for me,that God's will be done.
    Jesus said by my stripes we are healed and I have been healed by Jesus before.
    Hugs Shirley
  7. jole

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    I am continuing to pray that you will have the strength to face whatever is the Lord's will. It was good to see that your daughters will be with you through your first round of chemo. That is a blessing in itself. I'm sure they love you very much and wish they could be there for you through all of it.

    I will continue to check this board to hear of your progress, and will continue to pray for you.

    Friends - Jole
  8. greatgran

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    My heart and prayers go out to you. I can see why you are getting depressed, so sorry. You have been through so much all I can offer is to pray for you.

    Please keep us posted .

    God Bless and Prayers,
  9. tonakay

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    Sending up prayers for you and hoping you got through the chemo ok. Update us when you can...