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  1. Doznclan3

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    Some of you may laugh because you have already been there done that. Some may laugh and think, what is she thinking? Work? Some may just think, wouldn't do that even if I did feel well. Ok, yesterday, my husband and I bought six little chicks. My neighbor across the street behind me has some hens. She gave me a couple of eggs, and that got me to thinking. I loved my grandmothers chickens when I was young, and going to get those eggs is a wonderful memory. I've been reading left and right on how to raise chickens. My husband did back in the 70's. Right now, I will be doing a lot of work with the changing of papers, and water. When they get old enough to go out, they should be easier..at least that's what the neighbor says. Our coop will be made safe from preditors. I'll have to put them in every night. Or someone here will. It will be good for our son to help with this project in progress.
    They're loving the heat lamp right now. :)
    Scott,,my husband, and I are going to get fence material, and yep, wood for the coop.
    rain, you probably have chickens? Anyone else? Any tips would be helpful right now..and then later, as they get old enough to lay. Hopefully they won't go into molt before they have a chance to start laying. I hear the fall is when they molt. It should be anywhere around Aug. to Oct. when they start to lay.
    Anyway, hoping and praying I at least get ONE egg from one of them this year. lol....
    Have a good day all, love, Cynthia
  2. soulight

    soulight New Member

    How much fun is that ! Chickens are a lot of work , but it is so fun to see the little chicks grow and then to collect eggs later. Chickens are good in gardens too if you have one. They eat all the bad bugs I used to take care of our 6 chickens growing up . There were 3 Plymouth Rock and 3 Road Island Reds . They were big fat hens that all laid double yolk HUGE eggs;all brown.

    One thing that I might think of getting is a heater for the water in the cold weather ( depending on where you live) Every morning I would go to check on the chickens when it was snowing and cold and they were so thirsty they pecked all the snow off my boots. The water had frozen overnight.

    I always brought hot water , but it was almost cold by the time that I got there. My parents were in charge and didn't want to pay for a water heater , but the chickens sure would have appreciated it !

    Have fun with your new brood !

  3. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    They are smart! They know my voice now. But, when my husband walked into the room talking today, they all scattered to a corner, and hudeld together like they were going to be eaten! I laughed, and told him, that they don't know his voice, he was just laughing at how they all scrambled..umm, no pun intended. :p
    I do want to get a heater for their water this winter..we live in very cold climate during winter.
    rain, can you believe that I don't remember the names? I am going to go back on Mon. and get one more, the one that has feathers coming on it's feet! I am going to write down the names. I just know that they are supposed to be good at laying. They are not bantam..the small ones. They are large. I would love, to get a double yolk egg laying hen or two.
    Jam and SJ, yes, love the memories of my grandmother's chicken's and now, I am the grandmaw...where did that time go?? How in the world did I get here so fast?!
    SJ, I told my husband we were not, going to name our chickens, in case we decide to eat them when they are finished laying. So what does my son say when he see's them? He says, let's name them! I said, no way, I am not going to sit down to the dinner table and think, we are having "Misty" tonight! One of the chicks has a big white bottom, my son says we should name her...moon. :)) In case someone doesn't know what being "mooned" is, ask a youngin.
    We got a lot of fencing material today, will start a fence tomorrow, coming off the one that runs across for our dogs to go into. I want seperate areas, one for the dogs, one for the chickens, and one for us. I will let the chickens out onto our part once in a while, to eat bugs and weeds. Yes, I will have a garden, best watch that. I've heard they make great furtilizer.
    I'm going on and on about my silly chickens...going to go read some other posts now. Thanks for the ear..love, Cynthia
  4. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    I still say NAME them, and buy the ones you eat at the supermarket...after all, these are SMART and already know your name...what else will they learn? How long are they good for laying eggs? I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do...

    My dad got a couple of rabbits from farmer when I was a teen...he intended to raise a litter for food but after feeding them daily and interacting, well, let's just say they all had names, he built elaborate homes for them, and we ended up w/ more than 40 at a time, with one living indoors...he ended up rescuing rabbits from easter gifts gone bad, and never ate not one! That was a relief for me!

    Enjoy your chickens!!!

  5. Doznclan3

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    I've only had these little critters for a few days, and the way they come when I go...hey chick, chick, chick, is toooo cute. They hear my voice and get up if they were laying down, or they come a wandering around, like, where is she? I can tell they can't see me up above them. I think, they think...I'm mom...oh dear. My husband had me pick them up today so he could pet them and look at them. We were'nt looking at them like dinner in the future. These particular breeds..at least two of the breeds will lay for around 3 years. Yep, by three years, I will have been had.
    Hey rain, here are the breed names. Red Star..the friendly ones... Dark Brahma...a little afraid...and the Australorp...cute furry little feathering coming on the legs and feet, friendly.
    I guess the Australorp get big. I am going on Monday to get one more, a Rhoad Island. They lay well too. And, those are the type my grandmother had. I guess I have some pet chickens in a couple or three years. :) That's ok. If you all could only see what my husband is doing for them outside. Nice big area..and a really cute plan for a coop...looks like a mini house. He's getting a kick out of how excited I am to have chickens. Austin too, my son. Me too!
    So, moon, or moony for a while...then she will turn all black, no white!
    No moony on our dinner table in the future.
  6. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    that sounds like such fun....not the work part:) Just the enjoyment part. Post a picture of them if you can!

  7. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    There's a pic of me w/ my grandmother's chickens in my profile...
    Hey, my mom told me today I used to put clothes on the chickens!!!
    It sounds like you have some beauties...you will love them, and pet them, and squeeze them and hug them and call them George???
    yes, post a photo and we want to see their house too!!!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, those little baby chicks are so cute but not sure I would want to have grownup ones running aorund here. Of course I do not have room for them either, outside either. However, if you do and you would like to try keeping them go for it and good luck. You will also get lots of fresh eggs if you like eggsl I do not eat them that much for different reasons. Hope it works out great for you and you have fun with it.

    SJ - How cute that pic is of you and your grandmother's chickens.. I can imagine dressing the babies up, not sure about the hens and roosters though. That would be cut if you had some pics of that (-: !! Let us kow how it works out for you.



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