I had to get stitches--LONG! and question at the end:)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beckula, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Beckula

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    I thought it was smart to clean my puppy's rug with carpet cleaner before putting it in the wash...thus making the kitchen floor slippery around it. That included the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.

    So Sky (my pup) was barking to go out and I wasn't paying attention and slipped on the floor, hit my head on the edge of the doorway, landed on my hip :shock . This is the same hip that has had bursitis in the past

    It hurt very much and I cried from the pain :( I think I just sat there for a minute (sorry if TMI here) but saw blood on the carpet and freaked out, thinking I hurt the dog...but it was me.

    Then I spent three hours in the doc's office, called in sick a half day at work (I worked 8pm to midnight instead of starting at 4pm) and got three stitches in the back of my head.

    Stupid me kept thinking, maybe I don't need to go to the doctor because I had no idea how bad it was (my hair covered it and I couldn't see it, even with a few mirrors).

    I felt a bump and I had blood on my paper towel I was dabbing my head with and it wasn't stopping, so I decided to just go to the doc to be SAFE.

    I was actually praying I wouldn't get staples, because I heard those hurt even worse :( And I didn't think it was bad enough for stitches, but the doc was sure I needed it or I would be combing my hair this week and it would break open more.

    Anyway, it was interesting getting stitches in for the first time...I am deathly afraid of needles, but it really didn't hurt that much. The doc said it hurts more if you need stitches in your hand or foot, etc. AND I told him ahead of time I don't have good pain tolerance and he said I did just fine (even though I was shaking SO bad and lying down).

    I am a little worried though--has this ever happened to anyone before? The doc warned me I may wake up feeling worse than today and my hip may be bruised and sore for up to a few weeks--and my headache will be there for a while.

    I am just so shaken up by this...plus I was trying to document my fibromyalgia symptoms in a pain worksheet (for the new doc I will be seeing soon) and I am not sure what to put now. I don't know if some of my pain now is caused by this or my fibro.

    He even asked me about my shoulders, but they have been bugging me for years and I can't tell if it's a different type of pain:(

    Thanks to all those who read my long sob story!
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  2. jaltair

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and injury! You are sure to be sore for a while with that one.

    Try to remember how you were feeling as far as pain before the fall and write it down so that you don't forget. Rate the previous pain as well.

    I would be sure to indicate on the worksheet that you fell and injured yourself.

    When you go to the doc, tell him/her about the fall and that you can't truly be sure if the present pain is from the fall or the FMS.
  3. Beckula

    Beckula New Member

    Thanks--I was planning to write it down...I get sooo lazy with these worksheets though. I am two days behind now!

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