I hate Fibro!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mickkel11, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. mickkel11

    mickkel11 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I just want to vent and hope no one minds....
    I have the following:
    Chronic Fatigue
    Mild sleep apnea
    Alpha/Delta Sleep Disorder; indicating Fibro
    Herniated discs in Lumbar Spine
    Panic/Anxiety Disorder
    Chronic ear/sinus infections
    Episodes of waking up with a racing HB; had a monitor on in June, they said I was 'normal'...
    Low BP; low temp...
    And a bunch of other 'little' things...

    I applied for SSD twice now and have been denied. They have no idea what it is like to live like this...they apparently think I am fine!

    I have worked for my local county here in NY for 8 years; then had the WC injury to my lumbar spine. I currently work for the State of NY, with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation...! Isn't that funny!

    I am a great worker but have missed much time due to horrible IBS and being just plain TIRED. My boss says that I am an outstanding worker; but have missed too much time due to illness. Still hanging in there; but it is so hard to get up and go to work every day. My weekends consist of attempting to get something done around here; and then laying down and napping....I don't do much in the way of fun since I am soooo tired! (I just woke up a while ago from a 3 hour NAP!)

    There are so many suggestions out there for things to do for Fibro; so many that I don't know where to begin. My Dr recently gave me Hydrocodone for my extreme stomach pain...so now I take that; which doesn't seem to help all that much. I also take Atenolol, Klonopin, and Donnatal.

    The only thing that seems to take away the horrible IBS that I have been having (been in the hospital 3 times this year; given morphine injections); is being on the Atkins Diet; believe it or not!

    I have had all this stuff for YEARS, it tends to come and go; with the exception of the fatigue, muscle aches, and panic-which I have had since I was a child...

    I am just darn sick and tired of all of this and wonder what anyone DOES to feel better? I don't even know where to begin? Supplements?-but which ones?

    Any help greatly appreciated,

  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I do, too! and so does everyone else!!

    I also have a ton of problems (too many to list, they're in my bio). I am also sick and tired of all of this, but I just take all the meds that I have to take to survive, and have decided that I will just have to learn to deal with all the pain and fatigue. Not much else left to do.

  3. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    . . and am still trying to figure out how to deal with everything and to continue to work.

    What I've found the following things help me to deal with the FMS/CFS problems (although helping me deal isn't helping me to work effectively):

    1. Getting enough rest - I have to have 10 hours at night and many times have to force myself to sleep as I feel better at night and hate to give up that feeling.

    2. Having a REGULAR schedule - this is through sheer determination - getting up at a regular time, eating regular meals, etc. etc. - and, taking medications regularly and on time.

    3. massagers - I bought a simple little plastic massager that my husband uses on my back to help my muscles there, and I have an electric massager that I use on the rest of my body at night before going to bed.

    I also enjoy massage when the budget allows . . they are wonderful!

    4. When I'm home in UT, I get in my big tub and use one of our moderator's recipes: (below)

    [Shirl – 12/01/03 (Moderator)]

    3 cups of Epson Salts
    3 bottles of Peroxide (large – 32 oz)

    In a tub of water as warm as you can stand. Soak for 20 MINUTES ONLY. You will be very weak when you get out, so be sure to go to bed, preferably a bed warmed with a heating pad or mattress heating pad.

    Like the others said, be sure to drink lots of water, especially one with lots of minerals in it. Juices are good as well, but the water is best.

    This has gotten me out of a lot of pain, and I also had a great nights sleep with little or not pain and stiffness.

    This therapy can be used up to 5 times a week
    * * * * *

    These things help along with my regular medication regimen. Hope this helps you.

    Warmly, Jeannette
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Me TOO. I hate it , tha pian and all the things that goes with it.
    I have degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, 2 bulging discs L4-L5 ,L5-S1, I shattered my left wrist a yearand a half ago and with in 3 months of this surgery to fix it I had some deterating of the bones tehre and it has arthritis in it too,I need new knees because of deteration and arthritis ,
    And the fibromyaligia, Chronic Meyofacial Pain Syndrone, arthritis in my right ankle, pains in right leg , 5 years ago I fell and broke my ankle had surgery and they found that I had some fractures in my tibula and fibula but they did not seperate and I am having a brain frezze and can't remember what the right word is for the fractures I had.

    Oh Panic attacks, heart palpitations, headaches , had a total hyesterectomy in 1990 , had surgery to fix my bladder and pull it up and then I develoved a hematoma under the muscles and it still hurts . I also had my gall bladder out 2 1/2 months ago. And I can't go back to work.
    I was a dental assistant for 15 years and I was doing the store models for a crafts store for the tole and decrotavie painting department.And after shattering my wrist I can't dental assist or do the highly detailed painting that I once did. I am getting a bit better at the painting but the store I worked at is closing in December.


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