i HATE my dr

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    Dear dr told me "Lea, this Zyprexa will help you sleep." He knows that's the Magic Phrase to use when he wants to get me to try something new.

    At the same appt he ordered up Singulair. Same reason: "It'll help you sleep."

    So for once I was the Good Little Patient and didn't run search on either of the things and tried to forget the warnings I'd heard on the tv commercials for Singulair.

    I should have searched.

    It took two days before I didn't know what town I was living in and what the year was. See, I went to the library here in Lake County CA and wrote a check for 6 of what the library-people call "hurt books," aww.
    Wrote the check to San Francisco Public Library despite the fact I left SanFran in 1979.

    No, the Zyprexa didn't help with sleep. What it did do was make it so I could go from zero to P'd Off in about 2 seconds, be mega-agitated, and forget about sleeping. Zyprexa doesn't allow me to do that.
    Turns out the stuff was made for bipolar issues. I didn't think I had any of those, checked the list of symptoms and was right.

    The search I ran showed me a couple videos about how FDA has stepped up and told the truth about that horrible stuff. And still drs prescribe it. How can they get away with that? Come to that, how can their consciences allow them to do it??

    Singulair gave me back to back migraines no matter how small I chopped the pills. It's for asthma which I also don't have. Dr said the Magic Phrase, so I tried it. Big mistake.

    Yes, I'm dr-searching again and have found the name of a grand total of one. I just hope he doesn't go off-label, off-symptom the way this guy does. I also hope he accepts my insurance.
    The weird thing is I'm half-afraid to call & set up the appt when I can interview him. No, I didn't write that backward.

    We do have to interview prospective helpers even if they do have all those alphabet soup letters behind their names.
    The mere thought of having to try to educate another one virtually knocks me flat. I made it through high school, no college, but I have to try to teach someone who should have already learned what I'm talking about.

    If anyone's reading this, please don't laugh at the fact I'm close to crying right now. It's awful to have a dr who thinks it's okay to maltreat a patient.
    He likes to complain: "You are allergic to so many things, you are tying my hands."

    Yeah. It's my fault I have this d'd and cannot tolerate the things Big Pharma pours out.

    He likes to ask me questions like "You are so thin! Are 'we' eating?"
    When I let him know I'm aware I have hypoglycemia, so yes, I eat several small meals a day and even at that I've come out of sleep in a full-blown episode of shakes, sweaty, have to eat NOW he wants to know how often I might have to eat.
    "Around every three to four hours."

    That gets me a ham-actor roll of his eyes as if he doesn't believe me. And this man is supposedly med-school educated. I'm beginning to suspect he bought his diploma with cereal box-tops.

    Thanks for letting me rant.


    LEFTYGG Member

    so sorry for the nightmare dr i too had to dr shop i still just take what i want that she suggests.

    i dont even go into detail cause it means another sript. ihope your next dr works. i use to think drs knew everything now i have to be my own dr. love gail
  3. 3gs

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    shove a big banana up his nose!

    sorry your so upset.

    having worked in the medical field i can tell you Docs to not know about drugs. they have the reps come in or read about it and give it out.
    ive had mine give me "samples" that were expired by years!!!!

    many of us get hoodwinked by the this will help line because we are desperate and want to believe it.

    anymore i ask my pharamist(?) about all drugs im not familar with.
    generally tho i wont take anything but pain meds, not that my doc now does much else.

    rant all you want
    hope you feel better

    warm hugs
  4. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    And thanks for the reply.

    Where I live, dr-shopping gets one slapped with the label "drug seeker." True, here in this county there are a lot of people getting meds they might not technically need but that idea doesn't automatically mean I am the same.
    Just try telling the drs that.

    I hear you very much about not "going into detail." There's no fixing what ails us so my alternative is to just go in as a Pain Patient...and there's a lot of pain in this body I'm stuck in.
    Bingo. Another slapping-on of the drug seeker label.

    IMO, most drs don't know how to do anything except run to their computer and ask great god Big Pharma what to do for or to (more likely "to") a patient.

    Side note: a neighbor suggested I report my current genius to the AMA. She didn't know that not all drs are members of AMA. They don't have to be...and I don't believe that even my prior advocate in medical disputes, a former PCP who got "semi-retired" into Admin and is now the head of county clinic medical services, can help me with this boy.

    See he's a private practice, I mean non-clinic dr, so doesn't fall under the controlling hand of the county clinic medical services. I'm sc****d, :- / .

    Gail, thanks again.
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  5. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    3gs, you're right. I should have checked with the pharmacy. I also should have listened to myself and checked out the junkmeds before even trying to use them.
    The pharmacy I use was sold last year to some new people who think it isn't necessary to give a patient a monograph relating to a new prescription; I've had to ask time and again for info.

    That's what misplaced trust gives us...yet another horror md story.

    Dammit I wanted so much to believe him; it won't happen again.

    I actually wrote that fool a note telling him exactly what happened. Saw the note in my file the next time I had to go see him for pain med reorder.
    "Oh," I said "you got my note."
    Him: "Note?"
    Me: "Yes. That thing written on yellow paper I can see right there in my opened file."

    He, after flipping pages, made it obvious he hadn't seen the thing before...
    I knew he rarely stuck his nose into my file but to not read a letter addressed to himself and IN my file, showing him what a mistake it had been to urge two different (and harmful) meds on me at the same time and what happened, and he HADN'T EVEN READ it...more rage.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have the courage tomorrow to call Dr Next for the interview appt and maybe be able to get rid of Dr Now.

  6. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    EXCELLENT idea about turning down anything that's been around for less than five years, and I just stole it, lol. Hope you don't mind.

    Some of the older stuff can and does whammy us, too, but this New New stuff can be amazing and frightening at the same time.

    This same dr got me to try Cymbalta & Lyrica, against my researched better judgment but I thought "Well maybe the bad effects won't happen to me." I wanted to believe him about Cymbalta and his claim that it helps with pain. Nope.
    The Lyrica? Oh, that was touted as "It'll help you sleep AND is good for pain." Nope again.
    Then the bad effects did happen, I told dr, and was treated to more of his eye-rolling and the whine about how I was "tying his hands..."

    Grrr, I'd like to tie his hands. Around a lake anchor. Kidding. I think.

    I wonder sometimes if this guy is maltreating me this way so that I WILL go somewhere else & get out of his hair.
    I'd think HE must think it would be a lot easier to just say "Lea, I can't help you, here, try this guy."

    Asa thank you for the propping-up! I needed to hear I'm not nuts nor a bad patient. Alright I likely am a frustrating patient but I don't "be" that, lol, on purpose. It was NOT my idea to react so weirdly to Big Pharma's pills and potions.
    Thanks, too, for the "five year plan."

  7. Atlanta8

    Atlanta8 New Member

    Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble with this guy. Perhaps you could start a new post here and ask if anyone knows a good doc around your area? You never know. you may get lucky!

    I agree it's good to research what you've been prescribed. From what I understand the US is very quick to license drugs. I'm in the UK and we have much stricter controls and it takes ages for drugs to be licensed (perhaps it would be worth checking out our list of drugs when you're prescribed something new, to see what the GMC say about it?). It can be frustrating - especially when these new drugs and protocols are HELPING people (Drs Sarah Myhill and Gordon Skinner most notibly have been hauled up in front of the board because they dared to TREAT people)

    Anyway, there isn't a real point to this post; I just wanted to say hang in there!
  8. sneakers

    sneakers New Member


    Your doctor may not hate you. I also was given Zyprexa for sleep. Which for me, it worked wonderfully for about a year. But I hated the weight gain and my elevated blood sugar levels, plus toward the end, I stopped sleeping as well. I've found that the truly progressive docs, try off-label meds, where they use the side-effects of drugs as primary reason for prescribing drugs. My Doc whom I love and is a national CFS expert, has tried me on anti-epileptic drugs, anti-depressents and anti-psychotic drugs in her efforts to normalize sleep and help control pain. And of course, every body responds differently to drugs, therefore your trip to La La Land with the Zyprexa.

    Good Luck,
  9. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    where do you live?...and what ins do you have?

    I would like to try to help you!

    If you are comfortable telling me where you live or close to it....and what your financial . medical ins is I think I can help you!

    Also here is a BIG hug for your tears and frustrations....beng in so much pain and discomfort in itself can make even the strongest of us feel so weak!

    Iam here for you if you need me K? PLEASE no need to feel alone or misunderstood at all.......

    everything you say makes perfect sense....we just need to work together and get these issues taken care of so that YOU can feel better!

    Hugs and love
  10. akandmk

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    that doctor needs to be reported! I'm lucky right now that our family doc has been very helpful to me and the few times i've asked for meds he said no problem. after hearing all the doctor horror stories i am terrified of trying to find a new one when we move to austin tx in 3 years. Good luck with this new doctor!
  11. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Hi, Steph:

    First, mega-apologies for not answering your note till now.

    Seems I had the nerve to get sicker for a while, plus there were some problems dealing with the new board.

    You read my mind. Near the bottom of the stack of replies to Doxygirl's "Post Your GOOD Doctor Here!" is a request for info on a Good Dr in Lake County CA. Preferably private practice since the other drs here all work for the county clinic service which is wretched.
    And he has to take my Medicare, Plan D, and not run from the fact the only other "insurance" I have is MedicAid. I surely don't want much, do I? Just everything, in the eyes of The System.

    You're right in your assessment of DrugsUS. Big Pharma manufactures medications that has effects worse than the thing(s) it is supposed to treat. Patients are often told either "It's all in your mind" or "You are not giving a medication enough time; you'll get used to the effects."

    Who In The World wants to "get used to" feeling more like bleep than s/he did before trying the latest greatest thing to come down the pike?

    EXCELLENT idea re checking the GMC when dr wonderful suggests something else; there's now a message taped to the computer monitor: "Run new drugs through GMC." Thank you very much!

    Yes the good dr search can be frustrating, as you say. Long ago PCP dared to treat pain patients decently and the clinic oversee board hauled the man onto the carpet to defend himself more than once. Seems that the oversee board didn't think his "Give medication to the patient, monitor him/her closely until it's obvious they can be trusted, re-check at random, for hevvin's sake LISTEN to the patient" was proper or something.

    There is TOO a point to your reply. It's support and I appreciate it. Thank you.


  12. quanked

    quanked Member

    He can be reported to the state medical board (which is the agency that licenses MD's). He has to answer to this agency. There is one in every state. Please, if possible, do not let him slide.
  13. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Hi, Jam:

    Would you, also, accept my apology for not being able to answer till now?

    Weirdly enough, this is the 3rd attempt to "get to" your post and write a reply. The causes varied from getting a page-advisory: Page cannot be displayed" as if I'd tried to Search for something, to getting dumped onto the "Health" page, to not being able to get a Reply window. But I digress, :- ).

    We MUST have some integrative docs here. The only problem might be in paying them since my only coverage is MediCare/+ a new Plan D company/MedicAid and that system tends to look askance at anyone not hewing to the party line, so to speak.
    Current dr glance/glares at me if I mention I'm using some homeopathic thing to treat something, such as the Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid drops in water daily. I've been doing that since June or so and have only relapsed into constantly sick sinuses, sore throat, fever far above MY normal but still okay according to dr wonderful but that's another story for another time, TWICE.

    Thanks for the reminder to go get some Melatonin from the shelf! I've recently jumped on board the Inositol Hexaphosphate wagon but am taking the caps first thing in the morning, provided I remember. That "take on empty stomoch or between meals" is a little tough when one eats several small meals a day; "between meals" pretty much doesn't happen here. lol.

    Dang straight, drugs don't heal. If we went and got better the drs wouldn't be doing so well. I read somewhen that drs (in some forgotten place-name) in Asia, sorry, were paid to keep their patients well. Patients got sick, dr didn't get paid. I LIKE THAT.

    Thank you,
  14. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Hi, Sneakers:

    Wow you were able to handle Zyprexa for around a year? S, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for; my hat's off to you!

    I don't give a rip if dr hates me...if the bleeping guy wanted me to go elsewhere all he'd have to do would be to say so. This maltreatment (well, that's what it feels like to me, anyway) is so unnecessary...

    I can hear your "truly progressive docs, try off-label meds, where they use the side-effects of drugs as primary reason for prescribing drugs." Dr gives us X thing and then has to order up Y thing and maybe some Z as well, to counteract what X thing caused. There's a solution for that.!

    Learned a good lesson from the Zyprexa. Never again will I accept that stuff, even if it had helped me sleep which it didn't.

    Thanks for your understanding note. You GET this thing loaded onto us by Dr Right Now.


  15. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Hi, Doxy:

    As usual today I must ask you not to notice the elapsed time between when you posted your kind reply and now.
    Excuse me a moment:

    Not being able to click one __________ time on "reply" and actually getting to a reply blank instead of "Page canot be displayed" repeatedly until one has to go all the way out and then return to site, log in again, hunt up the topic where the to-be-responded-to post waits, find reply, click on the Magic Words and hope like nothing ever before to finally be able to write to the poster is a monster worse than this incredibly run-on sentence. Please fix it.

    Okay, I'm back now. Sorry for derailing the train of thought.

    Thank you very much for the hug. I'm in Lake County in CA. Due to current transportation problems any possible dr to trade for dr right now would pretty much have to be in the county. Even if the lack of a car weren't a problem there's the thing about getting too exhausted just by the ride to and from wherever s/he is. I'm sure you understand.

    Insurance is MediCare & MedicAid, called MediCal out here in CA, very clever. Recently looked into somehow paying for health insurance but ran into that pesky thing called "pre-existing conditions." Basically the boilerplate language in the Contract says that insurance companies don't cover them.
    Income is just about enough SSDI to live on.

    Ironic chuckle: "so that you can feel better" was a thing dr said when he offered me Ritalin. Speed. That stuff that school children who twitch an eyebrow wrongly get put on because it slows them down. The little menion in my file of congestive heart failure didn't seem to have been noticed...

    Here's to all of us BEING better. Plus you bet I'll look kindly at any advice and see if it fits.

  16. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    You're right. I think the fact he hasn't been granted hospital privileges...wouldn't accept them because of not wanting to be on the On Call list, can't really blame him for not wanting to have to give up his occasional nights and week-ends to tend to sick folks after all, we're annoying or something...

    I'm so glad you found a really Good Dr.

    Hm, maybe you might want to run a message about whether there are any decent ME/CFS/Fibro-understanding drs in Austin? I'd hope that in a town that size there would just about have to be someone who understands the issues.

    Thanks much for the good luck wishes,


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