I hate people treating me like I am a LIAR

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Engel, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Engel

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    I had an appt today and my Dad went with me. Bear in mind, I sat in the lobby for about 10 minutes and was just fine. The lady came out and called us into her office and I COULD NOT BREATHE!!! I was choking and said I just can't stay in this room. We go back out in the lobby and she makes a big freakin' deal out of it to her co-workers ... no one else was bothered. Made me look like a dern liar. After she left the area a woman spoke up and said ... I have COPD and it is bothering me. Better late than never I guess. Of course NO ONE ELSE noticed it. I have MCS and FMS. I really think it was the lady's cologne.
  2. 143alan

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    I am so sensitive to smells/odors. I see several people a day in my job and it almost kills me when someone comes in smelling like they took a bath in cologne or perfume. What's even worse is that I have 2 co-workers who do the same thing and one wears some brand that is so strong I can smell it when I walk in the back of the building and she's on the other side. She has to deal with customers first and no matter how much anyone says to her she still does not stop wearing the perfume. I even taste it in my mouth it's so strong and people think I'm crazy. It gives me a horrible headache, I have to use my inhaler because I can't breathe and my eyes and nose burns. I've seen customers on O2 in our office have asthma attacks because of it and still no one does anything. I work in a government office and it blows my mind that nothing can be done about it. I love that someone say that sign at a hospital and wish we had the same thing in our office.

    I'm sorry you had to go through what you did. I'm even more sorry that people like that person and the one that works in my office think it's OK to hurt other people like that.

    Take Care
  3. Engel

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    I used to love to wear perfume ... now it makes me very ill. :-( . Some types are worse than others for me. This was like a potpurri smell. And it was not in the lobby until she walked out there. Yes ... I can taste it too. My Dad runs his van with the door(s) open and about kills me. It doesn't bother him ... so therefore SHUT UP and PUT UP. lol I did run across a web site that is trying to ban perfumes etc. HEY ... it is just as bad for us as cig smoke ... which is banned. I guess what ticks me off the most is how indignant abusers become and they start trying to get people to rally around them and make you look like a liar. Those people don't have MCS ... duh. Being at home in my "controlled" environment has really helped me. The women at work (and a couple of the men) were killing me with their colognes. BTW ... appt today was not a medical appt, but I have had it happen in a medical situation also.
  4. pat460

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    I have asthma and strong perfume often sends me into an attack. It's my belief that we have to speak up or things will not change. Please consider contacting her higher up and politely mention the incident. You don't have to mention your name and it helps to lay it on thick with kindness--you know, the more flies with honey thing. (Lol) Just explain that you and a lot of others in todays world , with pollution and such being so bad, have chemical sensitivities, breathing problems, or respiratory illnesses. Mention that another lady in the waiting room with COPD was also affected but too embarrassed to speak. Suggest they might consider asking employees to refrain from wearing strong scents for the comfort of their clients/customers. It doesn't hurt to ask and it might even help. Just be very nice about it and see if it gets you anywhere. You'll help a LOT of others in the process.

    Just something to consider. Sorry you went through that as it sounds like she was very rude to you.

  5. lil_angel1198

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    to realize that her perfume is toxic to me and my sister. We also have another sister who wears very strong perfumes.

    I finally outright told my mom she can not wear perfume around me. It makes me very sick and I get a migraine from it.
    She still seems to 'forget' sometimes. But she is trying.

    I think strong perfumes/colognes should be banned. They were originally created for people who didn't bathe regularly, way back when. In todays world, there is no need for them...most people bathe daily.

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