I hate the bad days..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cczub, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. cczub

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    Holy Crap!!! I feel horrible today... Went to bed very early last night case I was sooo tired and feel more tired today!! I can't believe it! I'm exhausted and it's killing me just to keep my head up today like it weighs 1000lbs.... Also ALL my muscles and joints are screaming at me!

    I haven't been in this bad of a flare for 6 months... It just stinks when you've been doing good for 2 months then it hits you like this... This is my favorite time of the year (striper fishing) and was really looking forward to it. I though I had started to put this behind me. Guess not. I just found out I'm coaching my son's T-BAll team too and his games are at 8:30am every Sat/Sun! Plus the afternoon practices... What am I going to do?

    Thanks for listening to my rant! It's hard talking to my wife cause she tends to think that I'm making it worse thinking about it! How can you not think about it when you hurt so bad and are sooooo tired??
  2. backporchrags

    backporchrags New Member

    my husband 11 years to stop making those kinds of suggestions. My in laws still compare FMS to their minor muscle aches. It can be so frustrating!
    Find a co-coach for your son's team. Don't see it as a personal failure but as an insurance policy. Don't feel the need to explain your condition if it makes you uncomfortable. Just say this year you will need help with the team, period.
    You need to see also to your own needs and tell others.
    It can be so hard to do this, so many don't understand. But we do!
    Don't give up on fishing just yet, you may start to feel better, at least well enough to hold a rod and relish the smell of the water.
    (I have a mean recipee for striper with white bean sauce.)
    I hope you feel better soon,
  3. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I understand what you are saying. I so badly wanted to go up the snow last week as in So. Cali we had a big winter storm up in the mountains. My mother said do you want to feel more pain in the cold, and I said no but I sure would have enjoyed playing in the snow for a bit.

    Anyway this past week or so has been a really rough time for me physically and I was suppose to have a date but moved it tomorrow during the day. Between the rain tonight and the cold, and just feel so fatigued out that I knew I would not be able to do it.

    Being physically ill IS really hard and rough and it's not something so easy.

    All I can do is encourage is hang in there and if you have to say no to certain things for your health then do it if it is possible.

    Many hugs,
  4. pirtpain

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    DITTO!! I have been handling some remodel being done at my house that is starting at 8:30 am & am so exhausted. Yesterday it was also one of the worst days I have had in a while, although I have not been fortunate enough to go for even a day without pain.

    It must be frustrating for you after all this time. Do you live in California? I ask because we have been having alot of weird cold weather the past month or so & it is driving me crazy!! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. cczub

    cczub New Member

    It feels really good to have support our there like this. I live in NJ and the weather here has been weird too.. Lot's of ups and downs in the temps. I have 2 other "coaches" for my son's team so hopefully they can pick up some of the slack. I did go fishing for 2 hours this weekend and it was nice to just be out there and relax...

    I've been trying to get my wife to realize it's not in my "head" and everytime I say that she says" I know it's not but you're not making youreslf any better by just laying around".... SO FUSTRATING... I hate lying around. I'm 27, when I was younger, yeah, just lounging on the weekend was fun. Now I have a house, wife and 6 YO son and I want to be doing stuff on the weekend or I feel like I just wasted my 2 days off!!! I'm so looking forward to my week vacation in April... I need it bad. I've been going to sleep between 8-9pm every night for the past 2 weeks and just can't wake up feeling rested. This is the worst part of this DD for me. I can deal with the pain but the tiredness I just can't deal with..

    Thanks for all the support.
  6. grandmasheri

    grandmasheri New Member

    We all know how it feels. My favorite quote..."Enjoy all the LITTLE moments in your life, you will realize someday that they were the BIG ones"

    Hope you feel better, Sheri

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