I hate to sleep!! Wake up numb, nauseous, stroke symptoms.....

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    Whenever i'm exposed to something bad for me like pesticides, which sometimes cannot be avoided no matter how careful I am all the time, I go for a period of months with extremely poor circulation, to the point that I wake up after sleeping only a few minutes with severe numbness on one side, not being able to move my arm or leg sometimes on one side, tingling, numb even in my scalp, unable to think where I am, dizzy, very nauseous sometimes throwing up, heart racing when I first wake up, sometimes room spins around, feeling like I have had a mild stroke, sometimes even with slurred speech, and feeling just like I will never wake up, coma like.

    I have had recent heart tests, all are ok.

    My liver tests have been abnormal recently.

    I sleep too heavily, can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, and always sleep with nightmares the whole time it seems like. Feel like I just will never ever wake up.

    The days and nights that I force myself to NOT sleep by leaving tv on loud or never lying down, just sitting, I feel much much better with a little energy. The nights i sleep more than two hours at a time without getting up for at least three hours I wake up not able to function.

    I am afraid of having a stroke from poor circulation. I have to eat very often or I feel like I will go into a coma, and I am not exxagerating at all.

    My doctor says my thyroid is fine, I have very low testosterone, and high estrogen. I am female nearing menopause, but these horrible symptoms don't happen this bad ever unless I've been exposed to something like pesticides or heavy toxic stuff in the air or lots of car exhaust. Sorry this is so long. I am also anemic. The doctor has done loads of tests and knows quite a bit about FMS/CFS/MCS and is trying to help me.
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    See if you can get yourself some hyperbaric oxygen to help improve circulation/oxygenation problems and then get tested for mycoplasma illnesses, of you haven't already.

    I have similar symptoms and was found I have likely systemic c. pneumoniae infection am getting HBO and am now on doxyxycline. Symptoms have improved but it's going to take a while as it's through all my tissues.

    Interesting you say your symptoms worsen around pesticides, maybe means your body is already struggling and the pesticides push it to the edge.

    Hope things improve for you
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    Thank you Gill for the information. I have been reading for years about the H.B.O. treatments, wondering about it, about side effects, etc. Thanks for the info, glad you are better, and hope it gets better and better for you.

  4. Hiya,
    I know it's been ages since you posted this but I hope you might receive a message that might get you to return.
    I was wondering if you have ever completed a 'Sleep Study'.
    Most of what you were describing in your post sounds very much like 'Narcolepsy' with 'Sleep Paralysis'.
    I was diagnosed with this a few years back.
    Your post caught my eye and I thought, "Boy, that sounds like me".... lol

    Take care.