I have 10 bottles of unopened olive leaf.

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  1. Hikagranma

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    I had been on this for about a year - at least. I even checked to see if there were any contra-indication. Which 'they' told me that there were none.

    Then I came upon this site - and read the reports - that if one took cocumidin - one should not take it! I stopped right away.

    I have been on coumidin sice fall of 200 - and I will be on it the rest of my life.

    I always found it very helpful especially if I felt 'fluish'. Then I used to take it on a PRN basis. The last year I took it on a regulare basis.

    Does anyone know if I can ever take it again?

    Marian [Hikagranma]
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    I am a big believer in OLE, too...You are monitored, closely on Coumadin, are you not? Apparently, you have been doing OK, however, I would discuss this with your doc as to whether you should take it with the Comadin..Coumadin reacts with so many different herbs and medications..I know, my mother is on it, too, and I had wanted her to be able to take the OLE..

    Let me state what a book, I have on it, says,..This herb may interact with drugs that inhibit blood clotting and platelet aggregation, due to its potential effects on encouraging healthy blood formation and blood flow..

    Hope you can get this worked out for the best,