i have a ? about medication regamines

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  1. jenn_c

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    I tkae all of my meds everyday to minamize my flares and spasms. I have noticed that some people take there meds on and off. Is it prescribed that way or is it just a preferance?
    I know my doctor has dx me with many things which one is severe FM. For the people who take their meds off and on do you have moderate FM? Thanks for your help. Jenn
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    I don't know how long you have been dd with this disorder. I went to look at your profile and you don't have anything in it but that is okay, some choose not to do so. I am wondering how long you have had it as a judge to about what I am going to say.

    Many of us have had it for awhile and have been thru an incredible amount of Drs., tests, supplements and rx's. There are so many things to take and different ways of taking them that we all kind of have it down pat as to works for each of us individually. If you have not had it for a long time and you are new to the disorder then you are probably still trying different things that work individually for you. I hope this helps explain things a little better. P
  3. jenn_c

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    On my bio- I errased my bio, due to issues with changing to the new board being developed. So here is my story. I am 36 and have been diagnosed for about 1 1/2 yrs. my doc said it was severe FM. Thanks for clarifying this. Jenn
  4. dragon06

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    I take my meds AS PRESCRIBED. Always. I have some meds that are prescribed on an "as needed" basis and these meds I take them obviously as needed. But my other meds, if the doc says "take 3 times daily" (or whatever is prescribed) then that is how I do it.

    I find that it works out best for my body this way. And that way the pain doesn't get out of hand. It takes more meds to take pain away once it has gotten out of control than it does if you take your meds in a pro-active way.

    But like I said I follow the prescription instructions. I am not a doctor so I don't presume to change up my prescriptions. If you are not comfortable taking something the way it is prescribed then you need to discuss that with your doctor and not just change it on your own.

    After having tried many drug regimes it has taken quite awhile to find something that keeps me stable. I have now found a "cocktail" that is working for me. But it only works if I take it right, if I go off of that then it will stop working.
  5. greatgran

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    I have CFS/FM and have found I do better if I take mine daily. When crashing if needed I will increase them.

    The only Rx drug I take is Xanax but now I am on 8 wks of antibiotic .

    Not sure if the vitamins, supplements help or not but try to take everything on a daily basis.

    God Bless,
  6. jenn_c

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    I take my med as prescribed. I only have 2 that are as needed ( xanax, and temazepam). Both are depression/anxiety meds. I have read about some people going into remission. How do they know it is remission and not their meds?

    I hope no one was or gets offended by these questions. I am only asking because I hate taking all of these meds, but it works for me.

    Hope everyone has a pain free energy filled day.
    Hugs~ Jenn
  7. hensue

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    So i guess everyone is different. I take wellbutrin sr 150 twice a day. For some reason for me it helps mask the pain.
    lot of people cannot take it or it doesnt help them. I also so know if you dont sleep you will hurt worse. So i do take Klonopin and valuim. I also take ultram in the morning. Now if i overdo like try to clean all day or take a walk. All of that helps but i will hurt worse and have what they call a crash. Fatigue i mean in the bed. Pain all over. sore thoat, most people know the drill.
    So this is all you take those two? Do they work for the pain and sleep?
    Also dont take this everyday they have sent something for migraines now and it is helping.
    So what i am trying to say is everyone is different.
    There pain is different and reasons why i guess all this crap is mystery to me.
  8. ellikers

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    Hi Jenn!

    I think some of what you might be referring to are people who switch different types of meds, like rotating anti-virals (either prescriptions or herbal anti-virals, elderberry extract for example). I think the reasoning behind that is your body can get accustomed to it, and the virus(es) can stop responding to them (like building an immunity) to some folks choose to go off them for awhile and then either start up a different one or go back to the same one to kick their body's immune system back into gear.

    As far as prescriptions are concerned, like anti-depressants and the like, I think it's really important to take them as prescribed because it can be pretty dangerous to do otherwise. Plus, your body has a hard time adjusting to what's going on if the levels keep switching.

    That's just my 2 cents.
  9. jenn_c

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    I unfortunately take alot more than the 2 prn's ( xanaz and temazepam). I take regularly every day as follows- 450 mg. lyrica, 400 celebrex, 100 fentynl patch change every 48 hours, robaxin 750mg 3 times a day, celexa 60 mg, ritalin 20 mg. 3x day.

    Even though it is alot, I have really good results from it. I still have flares, but they do not last as long or hurt as much pain. What I find really irritating is the cognative issues. My husband thought it was due to my meds. I started reading him some of the fibro fog stories and explained that we are not all on the same medication regamine. There has to be a way to lessen the fog. It is killing me. Jenn
  10. dragon06

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    You are on a lot of meds but so am I (about the same amount just different ones). If they are working and giving you some relief then I would keep using them. I know it seems like a lot but you need to have a life and not be confined to your bed.

    So try to keep your head up and don't worry too much about the med load.
  11. ellikers

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    I agree with dragon, if it works, keep on it!

    I know from dealing with people in my personal life that fentyl can have a MAJOR cognitive effect on people ... I have a co-worker on it and she has a very hard time working or remembering conversations, etc. so it's COMPLETELY understandable that you're having cognitive issues.

    Unfortunately being on that many meds will have an effect on your cognitive abilities- it's a trade off. It's up to you whether the trade off works for you or whether you want to change it.

    But changing the meds, or taking them half the time, in my opinion will only make your symptoms come back worse or cause other problems, I sincerely do not think it will decrease any cognitive trouble you are having.

    I wish there was an easy answer ... a quick fix. If I had it, I would give it to you, and EVERYONE ELSE HERE. :) Hugs.
  12. jenn_c

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    It's funny though, I completely thought mycognitive issues was specifically due to FM. I worked in the medical profession for many years before this dd, and I know that fentynl is a heavy duty drug. But I don't feel stoned from it.

    Oh well. this little drug cocktail takes away alot of the pain. thanks Uenn