I have a bone marrow tumor...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nanna4550, Jan 25, 2007.

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    I don't know if some of you remember me complaining about my hip when I was on vacation over a year ago. (if your memory is like mine you probably don't remember) Well, it has bothered me off and on since then and has been acting up constantly since last summer.
    I finally told my doctor I needed an xray last October, which showed a lesion. One of the Orthopedic Surgeons said I probably have had it all of my life and it isn't causing my hip pain.
    So, after an MRI, 2 Orthopedic surgeon visits and a CT scan, they finally believe me that the pain is from the lesion. Also, the lesion (which is growing in the bone marrow) will eventually fracture the bone and it has grown .5 cm since December 19. I have an apt for February 9th with a bone disorder specilist, so I hope it doesn't fracture my hip before then.

    Now I am wondering if I have more of these bone tumors in the other areas of my body that cause me pain.

    Long story short, insist on getting x-rays of your most painful spots before you decide to endure the pain because you think it's FM.
    I'm so mad at myself for letting this go for so long and not insisting on an xray earlier.


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    I know, though, how you feel about not getting it looked at sooner. Its amazing how much we just attribute to FM, and then sometimes we find there's more going on.

    I had a two week fever (101-102F) that stubbornly wouldn't go away last year. Turned out to be Leukemia.

    When I see folks here who say they have a fever that persists in that range, or even a little lower, I always say, please see your doctor and just get basic bloodwork to eliminate serious illness, if nothing else.

    A LOW GRADE fever can be common with CFS, but that isn't a low grade fever! I'd have gotten a lot sicker (I had an acute form of leukemia, destroys your body fast) if I hadn't had this checked out.

    Anyway, Nanna, I'm glad they found it and can hopefully help you! Keep us posted...


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    i'm sorry to hear about this development for you, but like others have said maybe its good that you have finally made them realize that there is something there.

    i know that when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer they did a scan called a PET Scan which i think can detect other possible abnormalities including in the bone marrow.

    did they do a biopsy?

    something to think about if the DRs don't offer any appealing options is Low Dose Naltrexone.

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