I have a ? for you Shirl,,,

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by stilhere, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. stilhere

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    First Hello, I've never sent you a post before, but I'm sure you know that I consider myself the oldest baby you'll ever talk too, I tend to get wishy washy, don't mean to though, its just everyone here is so nice and supportive... anyways....my question is on Thursday nights, do we answer post and pray or do we just pray on our own? I did both,,,

    In Christ
  2. fibrorebel

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    Not Shirl and I am sorry to intrude....it is my understanding that we pray on our own, but simultaneously.
    I think it is great that you prayed and posted, so did I!
    I try to stop in everyday at least once to read posts here, as I love sharing Faith as well as the adventures that come with illness. Love and Peace, P.Michelle aka Rebel
  3. Shirl

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    That was so nice of you and Rebel for doing both. We all pray at 8pm PST, which is around 10pm in my area EST (Louisiana), and just hold up everyone on the Worship board, our family and friends, and all the boards in general, our country and the military men too now, the whole world needs lots of prayer these days.

    We simply are praying for one another and our prayer is for all others requests here too.

    We used to call this' taking heaven by storm'.

    Thank you both for joining us in this prayer time. Lately its not been as popular as before, but the Lord always sends His people when we get slack here:)

    I guess you two are them this time.......

    God bless, and do have a goodday.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Mikie

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    Sorry to intrude here, but just wanted to clear up the times we try to pray. It is at 11:00 Eastern Time, 10:00 Central, 9:00 Mountain, and 8:00 Pacific.

    I know that there has always been some comfusion about the times since the beginning. Eleven is late for me, but if we started any earlier, it might not give folks on the West Coast enough time to eat, help kids with homework, and get them ready for bed.

    Even though we all try to storm Heaven with our prayers by praying all at the same time, at least in the U.S. and Canada, this is a personal type of prayer and up to the individual how to pray, meditate, worship, etc. and it is up to the individual what to pray for. Y'all can come here to see who needs special prayer and/or you can just pray for everyone.

    Love, Mikie