I have a great Pain Diary Worksheet for everyone....

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    Hello everyone, I have been gone from the board for a few months, and just got back on to view some posts, I have a really good Daily Pain Diary Worksheet for everyone. I have been using it for months now. I print out several copies and leave enough room at the bottom of the sheet for things that I add. I write on my sheet also, if I had a Dr visit that day, and what I did during the day which would aggravate my FM. I also put down foods that don't agree with me and my meds that I have taken that day. Just anything to add to the worksheet I just add at the bottom. I have really noticed that changing weather and if I am very irritable on that certain day really aggravates my pain. I know we are not supposed to list websites but if anyone would like to email me I will surely give you the http. my email is gessner_l@fuse.net

    It is called the "Daily Pain Diary Worksheet"

    Thanks Wildcat...aka Lori
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    Did you make up this worksheet or is it one off the net? I will send you email.
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    getting alot of replys...
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    I hope you guys like it..the best one I can actually