i have a hearing date oct16th

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    hi everyone.... i'm not exactly new here .... i do alot of "lurking".... heres the deal.... ok i have a hearing date on the 16th of oct... my lawyers office has sent me some forms to fill out..... "summary of medical treatment" and a "medications talbe"... i have chrons along with the fibro.. depression...hyper thyroid...migrains..etc.... i have been "denied" 2 times for "lack " of documentain... i couldn't afford to go to the doctor...and if i went to the doctor i couldn't afford the meds...i have listed 35 differnt meds that i have been on since i first was diagnoised with the chrons.fibro depresstion etc.. and 15 different doctors.. i listed all the surgeries i have had....along with my home health aid who comes to my home 5 days a week for 3hours a day..all the surgeries and hospital stays as well.... i have a note from my doctor saying "miss giorgenti" is unable to engage in any gainful employment do to medical problems..... i also sent in my Headache diary that i have been keeing for my mygrains ... WHAT ELSE MIGHT I NEED??????? i'm so worried about this....i have yet to sit down with my lawyer and talk about all this....PLEASE if anyone has any other suggestions as to how i can help this along.... just let me know okie dokie thanks (((((((("fuzzy hugs")))))))))) elizabeth
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    Hoping someone can help you. Good luck!!
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    thanks for the information.....hope i can return the favor someday soon...........(((((((((((((fuzzy hugs)))))))))))))))) elizabeth