I have a new "New Years" Resolution

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia and ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' started by Chelz, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Chelz

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    And that is NOTHING :) LOL. If I don't make any resolutions, I will have nothing to be disappointed about. With Fibro, waking up everyday, putting on make-up, going to work full time, taking care of my elderly mom and the house, I feel I tackle enough.

    I hope this post does not come across as negative, it wasn't meant to be, I just wanted to use a little humor while I still have it :) :)

    I wish everyone a healthier, brighter, more happy New Year.

    I usually write very long posts, ( I get carried away) so this is short and sweet, I hope. Happiness to all, Love ya Chelz.
  2. jaminhealth

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    I stopped the resolution thing many years ago. I just keep trying every day to do good and work on keeping myself upright and breathing....haha

    Yes, you do tackle enough, some do more than others in the tackle arena...

    My brother called me today from FL and we talked about my failing sister (MS) and how her husband is such a caregiver...I reminded my brother that the bil took care of his dying sister, my mom as she aged, his mom at her end years and now his wife...he's 65 and a real saint in that dept....one just does what they gotta do.

    Life just happens...take care, Chelz....xo
  3. Chelz

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    Thank you Jaminhealth. I am sorry to hear about your sister and her MS. A good friend of mine is visiting his mom for the Holidays and she has MS. He is such a good caregiver for her......but it takes its toll on him.

    Your brother-in-law does sound like a saint. These kind of illnesses are just soooo hard to deal with and MS has its own special challenges. Somehow I wonder where all the strength comes from.

    You take care too :) Chelz.