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    Go here them look for the ART album, it is the cover, if you click on it you will see the other paintings I have done. I recently re-did two paintings I wasn't happy with, the horse and the rain storm called Incoming.

    Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy it as well as my other albums I have there-Carla
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    Maybe you should do one of those Norman Rockwell self portraits. The kind
    where you are in your golf cart painting a picture of you in your gulf

    Wonder if the Saturday Evening Post is still in business. It was a
    very popular weekly when I was a kid.

    Do Twyla and Missy lie quietly and not bother you when you are

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    Yes the girls do pretty good, dogs take on the feelings of thier owners and when I paint I am very relaxed, so they just lay around in the studio or on the deck attached to the studio.

    This is something I haven't tried before, going for a abstract look instead of tight things like people and horses :)

    One thing about it, if I don't like it I can paint over it-lol- thanks for looking-Carla
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    Wow, Beautiful. actually, breathtaking.
    Thanks for sharing them with us. <B

    I wish God gave us a choice of Talents or gifts that we could have.
    Come to think about it, how did you get yours?
    Did I miss something or what?

    I CAN draw a happy face! (same one I was drawing in 1st grade).

    I could also ride my bike with "no hands".
    Astonished? ya, me too ... but I don't brag about it (much).

    I'll have to show my friends your web site. Thanks again. Jim

    ROCK ... I saw on the news that Saturday Evening Post is starting up again.
    A special ... $14.95/yr

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    Saturday Evening Post reinvents itself

    Charles Wilson, Associated Press

    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    The Saturday Evening Post, a centuries-old publication that helped make illustrator Norman Rockwell a household name and showcased some of America's greatest writers, is returning to its roots to show readers the value of a quiet read in an increasingly frenetic digital age.
    A redesign launching with its July/August issue combines the Post's hallmarks - art and fiction - with folksy commentary and health articles. The revamped Post promises a more relaxing option for people who are used to doing much of their reading online, or are simply tired of special-interest magazines crammed into tight niches.

    "There is a void of magazines now that do emphasize art and creative writing and fiction," Publisher Joan SerVaas said.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/07/05/BU4118IP5D.DTL#ixzz0ManQiqQa

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    Thanks for the kind words and I have no idea how I do it. Honestly I didn't know I could do anything until after I got sick. I have always worked hard, then did 2 jobs for 6 years to buy and remodel my house in the late 90's so never had time to see what I could do.

    I did do stained glass but just as gifts and myself, then when I got sick and was taking care of my mom I was stuck at home 24/7 so started with library books and cheap supplies. Then I met a lady who introduced me to my art club and have been painting ever since.

    Trust me I have MANY peices that will never see the light of day, the one I did of my grandaughter, I did about 5 times before I was happy with it. I have never taken a class and I cheat with some paintings as I will print the picture out the size I want then trace the major landmarks and fill in the rest.

    I like using pastel pencils and sticks the best, easier to fix mess up, can't do that with water color and oil is too messy and hard to clean up. So I was over 40 before I discovered my "talent", actually I work very hard at it as it does not come easy.

    Get a pad and paper and just trying doing stick people, you never know what you will come up with! Thanks for looking and the comments, that winter storm was a doozy. Carla
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    We posted at the same time. Yes that was Hershey Park in PA. The coaster is called Farenheit and is on the top 10 extreme coaster in the US. Yes my grandson heard me say a few unladylike comments-lol like ohhhhhhhhhhh sh#################t-LOL- But I loved it and we had a good day.

    You chug slowly straight up then when you get to the top, you fall staight down at like 60 mph, then loopty loop a dozen times or so then you were back. Carla
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    I used to love magazines when I was young. Especially the Sat. Evening
    Post, Life, and the Readers' Digest.

    After about 40 years Life was put outta business by video cameras and
    nightly news broadcasts. Sat. Evening Post morphed itself into an old
    folks' magazine, but it was pretty dull.

    When I was young it had great short stories, wonderful cartoons and humor

    Do young people even read? They don't seem to need to. I am always
    cursing appliances that come w/ instruction booklets in 4 languages, but of
    no use whatsoever. Young people just pick things up and know how to
    operate them.

    Dave Barry says the newspapers try to attract young people w/ more
    color, more photos, more stuff that is hip and cool. Doesn't work. Young
    people don't want to read.

    Think the new publisher is barking up the wrong post.

    I remember a popular ad that appeared in issue after issue. Illustration showed
    a guy in a rowboat catching a fish. Caption was: You can retire on
    $300 a month.

    (Well, I suppose you still can, but don't expect to live on $300 a month.)

    Ya gonna sample the new mag?

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    AWWWW Carla, you've done it again.

    This was a definate departure from your usual work (my favorite is still the one that looks like a quiet lane in the mountains.

    Since I know NOTHING about art I'll just share how this new one made me feel.

    My first response was surprise (you're evolving). Then I sensed a fluid kind of peacefulness. BUT, I then knew that something else was waiting for me within that canvas. I felt a sense of anticipation, like I wanted to turn the painting over to discover what you've kept secret.

    Keep them coming my talented Friend, you make me "feel".

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    Boy this thread is off track but we will continue anyway-lol. I was a late bloomer to coasters, I was in my early 40's before I would even get on one. Then my group of freinds that had season passes to Kings Dominon in Dozwell, VA made me ride everyone in the park from the front seat until I got over it.

    The hills still get me sometimes but I have ridden some of the best coasters in the last 10 years. I will say this trip was really hard on me but I wasn't letting my grandson down. When I lived in VA I would drive 15 min to the park after work and walk and ride the coasters and go home, no lines in the weekday evenings so it was great. But this was the first time in about 3 years so I paid but it was worth it- Carla
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    looks like we were posting at the time too-lol.

    Thank you so much, this one still needs work and I wasn't sure what so I am leaving it alone for now until I figure out what. I have other things I have to do. But you are so sweet and I am glad I made you feel something other than pain ;-). I hope your doing well, I haven't been around as much as I use to and haven't seen you in a while. Thanks-Carla
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    thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed it. As I said before I am not trained and most of my paintings are from pictures. Incoming I just added more detail in the tree and forground and some shadows in the clouds, but I love the pic I used as inspiration.

    I happen to look out the window and saw the storm coming and ran to get my camera and managed to get a few pictures. I have a beautiful view so I don't have to go far to material.

    I also have another website called Carla's Stained Glass Creations, just google it. I started out doing glass but had to quit due to RA in the hands and back. I have pages for my dogs, house and glass. So please feel free to visit it. Thanks again-Carla
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    No, not going to subscribe. I live on $30/month here in nursing home so I'd have to see the mag before I'd consider subscribing.

    We had 5 Chicago newspapers here when I was growing up. The Tribune was so thick I could only fold it in Half and double rubber band it. (had a paper route).

    Now there are only two Chi papers left ... and one has only a small circulation(the Sun Times) and is going bankrupt and the other is in deep trouble. Most of the writers have been laid off. The once Mighty Tribune has a only a skeleton staff and is selling the Cubs and Wrigley field.

    The thick "World's Greatest Newspaper" (Tribune)with it's Long articles is now a thin rag that looks like a cheap colorful tabloid. A Sensationalized look with little news. At least half of each page is advertising and the rest is SHORT random articles with dark print and big pictures.

    It used to take me a half hour just to skim thru it each day.
    NOW you can read the paper for free.
    - All you have to do is grab a copy and get in line at the food store. By the time you get to the front you can just put it back 'cause you're done with it.

    BTW There are now more people in China on the internet than the entire population of the USA. I read it in the news yesterday ... on the internet.
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    Hi Carla,
    I took a good at your Art album, very nice!

    I haven't talked to you in ages but do keep up with your posts.

    I keep trying with my paintings but it seems to be what is so hard on my back.

    I hate to give it up.

    Anyway thanks for the headsup about the website!

    Wishing you every good thing. Denamay