I have a plan of action to get me better healthcare

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    Diagnose-Me.com I found a site that I paid $77.00 and answered about 1 1/2 hours of questions about my health. It was the most in-depth questioning I have ever had in my life (Except years ago by a Homoeopathic)and these were even more questions . NO DOCTOR has ever taken the time to ask me these types of questions.

    Within 24 hrs after I sent my questions in I got a complete listing on things that I probably had wrong with me .Its not really a diagnoses that's illegal on line. BUT it is a probability and a recommendation to have these things checked out.

    My husband printed it up and put it in a folder .It is an inch thick. I plan to take it to my apointment with me and request that they do the blood work to either rule out or confirm these health problems.

    It can be a check list for my doctor who always has to forget. And when the results come back I will write them in my folder next to the problem.

    I am sure that the Doctor probably wont want to do this but I am desperate to get healthy. So I am going to try to pressure them into getting me the answers .Now I have the Tools to get Started getting the answers.

    I realize this is a bit of money .I know many of you may not have the money to do this .But you can see the questions and copy them and answer them and take that to your doctor. That will not cost you anything.

    If you pay the money to get the report it will tell you ahead of time where and what problem they should look at.It also goes over CFS/FM questions. But it is an entire body check over for lots of health problems. It also is a team of Drs that review your results and you can ask follow up questions at no additional cost.

    I will try over the next few weeks to get some of this done at my real Dr. And I will let you all know if it seems to help my doctor know how to help me.

    I hope you will go look at the site and some of you be able to do it.I feel like we have to take back the control of our Health care .This is my new plan of action. I am going with my file in hand and a new determination to find a better quality of life for myself.

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    girl! If you read my second post to moaning and wimpering, you'll know how I feel about so many of our doctors. You've got to take the bull by the horns and get the research work done for yourself. Geesh! Too dang bad we can't get paid for it huh? Hope you doctor will order the test for you that you ask for.
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