I have a problem with pictures in the profiles....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. BethM

    BethM New Member

    they are BLUE. All of them. Is that my computer or connection, or is this so for anyone else?

    Either that or I have a Smurf in my monitor!

  2. deelite127

    deelite127 New Member

    It sounds like your color settings which can be adjusted on you monitor.

  3. BethM

    BethM New Member

    the blue color is only on this site. What does that mean? (Please bear in mind that I know only enough about computers to get myself in trouble!) If its the monitor, I'll have my son the computer guy look at it tonight.

  4. deelite127

    deelite127 New Member

    it might be your video card too...best bet is to have your son take a look at it

  5. BethM

    BethM New Member

    we looked at the site through Netscape, and the color is ok. So it's AOL, or ProHealth's connection with AOL. I think any correction has to come from the techies on this site.

  6. ckk

    ckk New Member

    beth....thought you knew this....there is a smurf in your monitor!!!!!! lol,lol,lol
  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I use Safari as my browser (Apple Mac) and all the photos on the profiles are fine for me. I think it would be more of an AOL problem. Truthfully, I doubt they would do anything to fix that. They probably don't even know how to.

    Could you just view the site using your Netscape and save your AOL for other things.

    Back when I was on Windows and had AOL, sometimes I would go directly into Internet Explorer to view certain sites.

    You could call AOL, that is why you are paying them. :) lol Good luck with that! I bet they blame the problem on Pro Health... :(


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