I have a problem with the lady assiigned to handle

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    I know her perosnally and i am so upset that everything i find that she has made a mistake she tells that i I am geing too emothional and she iwll have to speack with my husband becasue she know that she can guilt him in to paying too much for the service.

    When I have problems understanding the bills that I recieve every 3-4 months , I will talk to her and she will get all angry and tell me that I don't know how do to billing and this is how it is done and I am making a big deal out of nothing.

    Then when i try to have her explain what these bills mean, she iwll not talk with me and what she tells the doctor is a lie and mixed up so that he does not know what is going on with this system.I have asked her to explain this billing system she is useing and
    and she won't telling me that I am rude and that she knows more about billing than I do.{ I won't for a dentist for 15ears and I know how do to billing and it is not that hard to do}.she wil only talk to my husband and then she tells him and the doctor that I am hurting her feeling and being rude to her and she makes me so angry if she would just ,listen for a minute she may understand why I am upset with her billing system but she does notwant to do that.

    To her everthing she does in the biling department is right and perfect and she does not makme mistakes and i am telling you she makes big one and I can't take it much longer.

    Last year the pain doctor had a new doctor with him and he said that thin new doctor would take my medical history and then he would be back and he did come beack inthe room and we talked about what pain meds I needed.

    I was scheduled for my regular doctor for the next 3 months and I paid my co-pay to my doctor and I got a bill from thie billing depeatment that I had not paid the " NNEW doctor and told them I had not been on his schedule and i did not want to see him and yet again I was told that he was the only doctor there and I had to sse him. Alto the check was made to my regular doctor. I thought that they could have taken the moeny from my regular doctors account andput it in to the new guys accout but apartnely they don't know how to do that so i was billed for 3 nonths to the NEW doctor and i was seeing

    MY doctor so I now owed him 3 months of paymemts to him and I had already paid them but I could not convinve her of this and she got really angry woith me about this;
    I feel tha i am owed at least 3 months of payment that I over paid to the doctor. But di won't get it as the lady who bills does not feel that way about it and I am going to tell him about it today and find out about if he can settle my account to a zero balance/ as I am owed $135.00 and this would settle the bil I have with him andget things fixed.

    As I don't get regular bills once a month it is hard to understand what is in this bill and she does not take things off when she should. The doc and I have made a arriangement for me to pmake co-pays as he is not on my insurance to pay a set amount as it is legal for him to do so but some how every month this billing girl changes the codes and bills me the regular amoumt and not what the doctor and I have agreed on and then when the insurance comes back it is wrong and I don't know who is doing the coding but how this is being done I am up a creek.

    . I know that if you advertize something at a certian price you ahve to let the coustomer pay that price it is the same way in billing wyou tell a personthat they owe X nubber of dollars and that you have taken off X amount andyour balance is now DX that is what you have to pay .

    Now what you get bill the next times he send out a bill and then she sent on and it was so incorrect that she had not even put the right payment on my account . and it just boils me so much I am so angry with her so i am going to talk with the doctor today and pray for me that all will go well. and I will be billed correctly and honestly.

    I just love my doctor but he does not have a clue as to how the billing is done so he out sourced it and then he has no control over what is sent out and things like that. Money that should be deducted is not being deducted and I am not billed on a regular baisis. IT is really cofusuing to me. I am seeing the doctor today and i hope that we can get this worked out.

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    I need some help please bump this
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    The doctor needs to know if the billing girl is changing codes on him. Ultimately, it is his business and it is his responsibility to see that it runs correctly. I hope he go it straightened out.
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    I just saw your post. I hope that you were able to convey to the Dr. just how frustrating it has been for you to work with the billing person. If it's this bad for you, others are probably having the same problem.

    Please let us know how it went for you ... ;<)
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    I think you have gotten some excellent advice here on what to do. I'm glad I don't have to get any bills from doctor's. We have a PPO and all I do is make a copay and I never hear from them after that.

    We'll have to change to an HMO next year in order to keep my family doctor, so who knows what will happen then.

    It's hard to be so ill and then have to deal with all the insurance and billing problems. I'm sorry you are having to go through that.


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