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    I was talking to my friend the other day, and came to find out that she has been collecting SSD for 13 years now. She told me to definetely told me to try for it, since the worst that they can say is no. My problems are worse in a way than hers, she has CFS, but not chronic pain like I do. I also have some psychiatric stuff in my past (beyond depression) that would probably help me along witht he process. Do you think that I should bring this up to the psych on Monday. What does SSD actually do? Do you apply for it and then they go throught the process of gathering all of your medical records and make their decision based on that? I've only just been diagnosed with the fibro 3 weeks ago, should that make a difference, but I've always complained of chronic pains that no one believed that I had. My friend said to start to write down everything that I have trouble doing becuause of this (getting dressed, normal household chores, fatigue, etc). I am not saying that I don't want the money from SSD, but it would be a tremendous help, between the fibro and the chronic depression (that i've been diagnosed with for 5 years now), I think that I might have a pretty good shot. I'm not looking to sponge off the government, but I really can't hold a job, everytime I get one, something happens and I fail at it, can't concentrate, or some other excuse. If this would work for me, this would be a tremendous help. If anyone out there has an advice for me about this, I would be very greatful. I have no children, but now my husband wants a divorce, we are willing to try a separation but cannot afford it, so we have decided to stay in separate bedrooms and just live like roomates for awhile. I know this is not ideal, but it's what we have to do now, short of hitting the lottery. Any advice on that would be helpful also. I'm also semi excited about monday's appointment, since this means that I will be getting med's and hopefully the will begin to work for me. Sorry to go on so long, but lately I have been feeling hyper.
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    I hadn't read this before I answered your other post and it sounds like your friend and I are giving you the same information. The SS people will request records from everyone you want them to, or you can bring them in yourself. On my application I put down every diagnosis that I have, not limiting it to the fibro and the depression. It is really important to tell them you believe you lost those jobs due to depression, and your therapist can back you up.

    Good luck to you,