i have a question about cfids as opposed to fm and cfs

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    do lab tests reveal a problem with the immune system in cfids people? i have been diagnoised with fm and all tests show normal.what differentiates cfs from cfids? many of the posts here do not state which syndrome people have. some say that people with cfs can sleep but don't feel like they have rested. people with fm have to take sleep meds because they can not sleep without them. some say they have to stay in bed where i can not stay in bed because the pain won't let me.are we suffering from variations of the same thing or are these things different? if cfids can be diagnoised with lab tests would'nt it be different from fm? just a lot of questions as i stay confused about many of the posts. help me understand if possible. thanks, and best to all.
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    my lab tests have always come back normal for everything. I think cfs & cfids are the same - my doc called it cfids but many call it cfs. I think I read somewhere that people have chronic fatigue but no other symptoms to put them in the category of chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm sure others will have more info for you. AMY
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    CFIDS, CFS, and ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) all refer to the same syndrome. FM is mostly known for the pain it causes, and CFS is known mostly for its post exertional malaise which can be debilitating. CFS cannot be diagnosed with lab tests. It is rather, diagnosis by exclusion. There are many sites online which can describe these in more detail. Just type in any of the above, and you will be swamped. By the way, I just read your bio and you don't state anything about yourself. It's often easier to respond to a post when the bio is complete. Take care. Marie
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    Hi ~ CFS = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and CFIDS = Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. They're the same thing; the former is an shorter form of the latter.

    Some of us have CFS with no pain as I used to and others have CFS with some pain as I do now; that is, also some FM.

    With CFS the primary symptom is debilitating fatigue that is unaffected by sleep. FM is primarily pain but also fatigue because, as you note, it's hard to sleep when you hurt. I hope I got that right.

    A person can, unfortunately, have both.


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    I used to see a doctor in Houston who is an excellent diagnostician. She ran blood tests on me that revealed a deficiency in my TCells and my NKC-Natural Killer Cells. I also displayed active EBV - Epstein Barr Virus.

    The doctor told me that these results were common in people with serious CFIDS.

    I have both FMS and CFIDS. With the FMS I suffer with severe muscle pain in most of the 18 trigger points, morning stiffness and pain, sleeplessness, brain fog, memory loss, word-searching to complete a thought or a sentence, cognitive disfunction, sensitivity to light, sounds (I can hear a bee buzzing on the other side of the garden), odors, hot and cold, nail ridges, spacial disorientation, dizziness.

    With CFIDS, I suffer with overwhelming fatigue, post-exertional malaise which makes it very difficult for me to exercise, tender lymph nodes, sore throat, anxiety, light-headedness, eye pain, IBS.

    I am also highly-sensitive to weather changes.

    Some of these symptoms cross over with FMS and CFIDS. However, it is my understanding that some people with FMS do not suffer from the overwhelming fatigue and post-exertional malaise of CFIDS. And some people with CFIDS do not experience the deep muscle pain that is present with FMS.

    Dr. Devin Starland, a specialist in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome says that FMS and CFIDS are two separate illnesses. She says that CFIDS more often shows abnormalities in blood tests. FMS does not.

    I hope this helps.

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    When I was diagnosed, in 1993, my Dr. had blood taken and had a test done that evaluated my immune system. That indicated that my T cells were low, and some other things, as well. That was part of the reason she diagnosed CFIDS.

    That test is very expensive that I have not been able to talk any doctor into giving it to me, since. I also think she used a lab in Arizona, for processing.

    There is no specific test, but the test I described, along with my symptomns, and the fact that I tested negative for hepitatis, lupus, etc......, gave her the information she needed to diagnose me.

    Good luck,
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