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  1. lillyrose33

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    I have lately started to itch and burn and it goes and comes in degrees. The itching and burning last all day and sometimes it is severe an others just barely noticable but there. It is not hot flashes dosen't feel the same.

    Only thing I can relate it to is when you have posion ivy or hives that kind of burning and itching and I don't have either.

    My body temperture to the touch is very warm but when I take my temp. it is normal or 99.1

    Just wondering if anyone has this also.

  2. sleepwalk

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    I have had two experiences with burning.

    Body temp- When I overdo it or get very tired, I get really hot. Not hot flashes (I get those, too), but a less intense, more long-term burning.

    It feels like I've been outside in the cold for a long time and then walked into a warm room.

    My healthy DH gets the same thing when he gets really overworked and sleep deprived. Maybe you need to take it easier?

    Itching- I get itchy, burning skin a lot.

    Sometimes it is a reaction to a chemical or peice of clothing. Again, the more tired I am, the more sensitive I am.

    I can't wear wool or rough acrylics, and some pieces of clothing start out fine but bother me as the day progresses and I use more energy. During a flare, I only want to wear to softest cotton and polyester fleece.

    I have also had to change to an all-natural, fragrance free soap.

    I can only use a super-sensitive body moisturizer occasionally when I really need it because having anything sit on my skin all day makes it red and irritated.

    My skin has also become more delicate and is more susceptible to chaffing.

    Finally, I have developed eczema since becoming ill. If you have bumps, flaking, or redness, you might want to see a dermatologist.

    I know that's a lot of info, but my skin gives me all sorts of trouble. I hope you are able to get something helpful out of it.

    Best wishes
  3. ilovecats94

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    What a beautiful name. :)

    This probably won't relate to you, but I have had diabetes for 30 years and sometimes when my sugar gets high I will itch, usually around the ankles and feet.

    For some strange reason Neosporin Cream helps with that a lot.

    This type of itching is usually after a meal and doesn't last *all* day.

    You could try the Neosporin Cream and see if that helps. The Benadryl Cream and Lanacane Cream never did.

  4. smiffy79

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    i've just accepted it as part of fibro but i itch more when i'm tired. i found avons skin so soft range helps as its nice and silky and wearing loose cottons helps too.

    if you do get a rash or it gets too much then your gp will be able to give you something to help ease it.
  5. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Thanks everyone for replies.

    Ilovecats- I itch all over espically my arms and chest are the worst. I don't have diabeties that I know of...was checked in hospital when I had surgery in March. I will have my husband check my sugar...he is a diabetic. That is all I would need on top of everything else but you are right it is a symptom.

    I haven't changed any of my household products or makeup or shampoos. I wear the same clothes that I have worn.
    I will try all of your suggestion and see what happens. I have Avon skin so soft and it helps with my dry skin in winter...never thought to use it for this.

    I sure hope it stops soon driving me crazy. Now I can't even stand to be touched and my clothes hurt even, feels like a bad sunburn. I am under stress right now and maybe that is it.

    Thanks again.


    Thanks again
  6. Rainshadow

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    I am coming out of the worst flare I've ever had and itching is one of the things I am having a lot of trouble dealing with. My skin usually itches during the winter but it's controlable. I completely overdid this summer because I had felt so good since March. The flare just sneaked up on me like a sledge hammer. I'm just now feeling human after almost two months. Thank God for my doctor. However, it's the itching that we can't seem to control. I want to claw my scalp off at times and my upper torso is also driving me crazy. I use Sarna lotion that was recommended by my pharmacist and it helps some. I practically bathe in it several times a day. Does anyone know of a shampoo that will really do any good? The doc suggested Selsun Blue and said he would give me a lotion if that didn't help. I forgot to mention it to him yesterday when I saw him since I didn't have it written down and it wasn't itching then. I put in a call late Friday and will hopefully have a response on Monday. However, if anyone else can come up with something I would really appreciate it.
  7. littleleafhopper

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    Hi Lilly,

    At one point my skin was dry and I had itching that I couldn't pinpoint to anything. Welllll, I went to the dermatologist and he suggested that I use Cetaphil creme, and rub it all over while I was still damp from showering. He said that helped the skin stay moist. I think I used it once a day, but I can't remember for sure.

    He called my problem dry skin dermatitis. Anyway that actually worked! I was so happy to have something work. Besides I can get Cetaphil creme at any drug store or Walmart. Now I use the creme when I'm really dry and the lotion at other times. It seems very gentle, and I am very sensitive to just about everything. It worked for me.

    I try to use natural products in between, but I really haven't found anything natural that helps as much. Cetaphil did the trick!

    I hope that you will find something that will bring you relief.

    Yours, Lil
  8. carebelle

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    I like your name to :)

    I have itching also off and on. I took a hot bath today trying to help my sore back and half way up my legs and feet started itching so bad, when I got out I had to take benadryl.

    I am not sure what causes it. I have warm skin to the touch also.

    several years ago I use to break out with what look like mosquito bits all over me. They itch so bad I was put on steroids for a long time. still did not help .I finally had a MD trained in Homeopathy . He thought I had mercury poison. This feels like the same itch without the bumps.