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    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 2003 and had to change jobs making less and Is forcing myself to work, to keep a my new place I previously moved into In August, because I have a teenager that I share custody with. Now this job I have is more of a employment agency and the benefits are not like my previous job that I can no longer do, because at the previous job I had intermitten disability which would allow me to call off or come in late. I have been working for this employment agency since 2010 and had been working steady only since February. before I was hired I had told them that I have a medical condition, but was never asked to give further proof until I just recently steped down from a position. that was very stressful and demanding. Now I am asked for paper work on my condition which I have no problem getting it from my physician. But I am worried that they will use it against me instead to help me. I am thinking if I get the limmitation and the condition of my medical status from my physician should I get a copy and ask the supervisor who recieve it to sign and date it when they recieved the information, so if they decide to fire me or harrass me I will find some type of disability act protection, I am truly open to any input negative and positive feedback and thanks in advance.
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    Why they are requiring this? If it is to find work which fits within your limitations, it could be that they are trying to find jobs which are a good fit. I'm not sure whether an employer can ask for this info but if it were me, I'd contact someone who knows the legalities of this.

    When I worked part time at the supermarket, I was on SSDI and the company received some kind of tax break for hiring people with disabilities. They accommodated my limitations in my job.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have found that employers will ask for medical information anytime you miss work or are late and give a medical reason. Employers probably want to make sure they don't give you any duties that are against the medical limitations written by your doctor... So they are covering their butts. They also want to make sure they have all the needed information if they are going to write you up for missing work or being late. Some employers will be more sympathetic than others. Good luck with your employer.

    As far as the paperwork: Read over forms so you know exactly what will be asked about your medical condition. I have found it is good to write down what you think the answers should be so you can discuss each question with your doctor (mine has appreciated the input). Keep in mind that doctors will have limited time and it might be good to schedule an appointment strictly for filling in the paperwork. And always MAKE A COPY of any paperwork that you give to your employer. Anything that is in your employee file, you should have complete access to anyways, but it is good to have your own copies.

    Best of luck dealing with your employer. It can be very difficult, but hang in there. Remember there are people out there who are impressed that you are able to keep working at all.


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