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    Hey guys my name is Jessica and im 22yrs old and have a question. Maybe someone can help point me inthe right direction. I have been feeling run down for the last 2 weeks. I have also told io have bronchitis and been on antibiotics for almost 4 days now. Im taking the antibiotics 4 times a day but they dont seem to be helping. I have slept mostly for 5 days and dont feel rested. I also keep going back and forth being hot and cold. I dont have a lot of money to go to doctor after doctor but i dunno if i should worry or if i should just let it run its course. My bf is freaking out and i dunno what to do. any suggestions???
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    I too, have a bad bronchitis thing going on right now. I have asthma and COPD also. Went to the ER last night and got a nice powerful steroid shot and a script for antibiotics. Ask your doc if it's ok to add Mucinex to the mix. You get it at any store and that stuff is great for loosening up all the mucas and gunk so you can cough it up out of your chest. Echinacea gives your immune system a good little boost to help you fight this junk off as well. You may need a different antibiotic. Call your doc and talk to his nurse about it. Don't wait! This stuff can turn into things quite nasty if not taken care of promptly.

    Feel better soon! Pat
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    I agree with everyone else and I would add Lots and Lots of Gatoraide for the eletrolytes, good hot steam showers let it beat on your back and chest, chicken soup, and green tea. Remember to keep your fluids up. I'll keep you in my prayers. Let us know how you are doing. And please check back in with the doctor. You may need a course of low dose steroids if your immune systems needs the boost. I hope that helps. My brain is total mush today.
    Amy the nutt
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    Thank goodness for chicken soup. A medicine that actually tastes good. And steam from soup probably helps.

    If the doctor took a sputum or cough specimen, then probably by now they know which organism and if it is sensitive to your antibiotic.
    They are supposed to call if you are taking an inappropriate antibiotic, but, things get overlooked sometimes. Should be free to call office and check.
    Sometimes takes a while for antibiotic to penetrate to infection site. Maybe if no change in a day or two maybe worthwhile to free phone the Doc. He may be able to change antibiotic without another appointment. Good luck, Mr Bill

    This is terrible!! But my dark side sometimes can't be suppressed. I would be so tempted to say to BF that "Doctor might suspect that it's that drug resistant TB that everyones worried about." Hmm,at least then he might realize that could be much worse. [This Message was Edited on 06/04/2007]
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    I don't know what is wrong with you. My immune system is crap. Last fall I was on antibiotics 2x for bronchitis before it left and when I got it a 3rd time they had to put me on a more potent one. So I am saying that with our illnesses we sometimes need stronger doses and recovery is longer. Or it may be the wrong antibiotic or it may be viral which antibiotics won't help. May you should be re assessed by your doc.
    Drink lots of flds. All the best.