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    I am new to this board so bare with me. I have had problems with fatigue for almost the whole time that I have had CFS (over 5 years). Most of it is because I can't stay sleep the entire night. Since I am so senitive to most medications the thought of taking sleeping aids to help me sleep is impossible. I am into nature things to help in relaxation and therefore sleep so I tried an herb called Valerian. Now if you go to your health food store you will see that in some cases they recommend this herb for treating the muscle pain and sleep problems in CFS & FMS because of it's sedative, relaxation and antidepressate effects on the body. But if you take it for a long time you can develope a tolerates to it and if you are taking antidepressants it's a big no no. So the other thing that I recommend to help you sleep is 5-HTP. This is a supplement that causes the brain to produce seratonins that both relax and helps you sleep (like eating a turkey sandwich). Since depression and fatigue is one of the by products of our loving condition this helps with both. If you are not sure what minerals or supplements to take have a friend or professional (some chiropractors know how to do this) do a muscle test on you. I still have problems with fatigue from time to time but not as much as I used to. And as my condition continues I still have find myself having to do research to help with the other things that present as time goes on and things may not work as well any longer.
    One of those things that has gotten more diffcult is my muscle tension/pain, and the fact that when my husband and I try to get intimate I hurt so bad for days that it is almost just not worth it. You can tell just how well this goes over with him. This happens at other times too like when I can just be walking in a store, around the block or driving in a car for more then 30 minutes. My muscles are so tight that I have to stop and massage my legs otherwise they cramp. I can't walk for a minute after sitting in car for awhile. Chiropractors hate to adjust me because I don't stay in alingment for long. I have tried meditation, biofeedback, relaxations tapes nothing has worked on my muscles to relieve the tension or pain. I believe that it may be due to my muscles being in continued tense mode and well not relax. I have tried a lower dose of the relaxations herbs I mentioned or know of but all it does is make me sleepy. . Now my husband knew of my condition when we married but niether of us were aware of the intensity it might get to, and as he saids he was not aware that he would not be able to......
    Is anyone else having this problem and has a suggestion on how to deal with this (muscle tension/pain) or even that I am not alone....please let me know. Because this is frusrating and messing my life up terribly.
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    I am "fairly" new here also . . . . .but through this board I have learned about the wonders of Magnesium.

    The supplement REALLY helps with muscle pain and helping them to relax.

    THE most helpful info I got though was about Epsom Salt baths. Epsom Salts are Magnesium. I have never used enough though in my bath til I read a posting here.

    I take a hot bath using 1-2 "milk cartons" of Epsom Salts, yes 1-2 whole cartons. The cartons are like 4 lbs each.

    After on of these baths I am totally pain free, some pain returns in a couple of hours, but I am so relaxed. It has something to do with the difference of the water bouancy (spelling?) and the bouancy of the water or fluids in our bodies. The bath actually pulls out toxins and the lactic acid built up in our muscles (which is the main source of muscle pain). I was dumbstruck by this.

    I feel VERY relaxed and happy after one of these baths and it may be a good time for you and your husband to . . . . smile!?

    Please, PLEASE try it, it works wonders for me. If want to read more do a search on this board for Epsom Salts and on the web too.


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    When I was still taking riding lessons (and didn't realize that I had CFS), I would soak in a bathtub of hot water before my lesson and again afterwards. I did not know about the epsom salt/H202 soak then. I'm not sure you should do it twice so close togethter. I would suggest the epsom salt/H202 soak before 'physical activity' and a plain soak (or maybe a bubble bath) afterwards.

    To help my adustments stay put, my chiropractor had me CAREFULLY drive home, then lay down for 1/2 hour, the first 15 minutes with cold packs on the adjusted areas. I found that using the cold packs (to reduce inflamation) followed by a warm shower or soak (to relax muscles) before the adjustments also helped.
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