I have a TENS machine but....OUCH

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by benton, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. benton

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    Someone lent me a TENS machine yesterday but im not sure if im using it properly.
    I put the sticky pads on my shoulder, and turned it on to the lowest setting. I couldnt feel a thing, not sure if i should be feeling anything or not.. I turned it up to the next level and almost shot out of the chair. It really hurt, it felt like a huge squeeze and i couldnt bear it, had to remove the thing. Should i use the unit on the lowest setting even though i cant feel anything happening? Or should i expect it to feel uncomfortable for a while? I dont have a book with it so dont know what i should be expecting.
    At the moment my shoulder feels like its bleeding inside and has ants crawling all over it. Its really burning, do i give the unit another go or not??? Im worried i could aggravate it more...


  2. dd

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    I don't have a Tens unit at home but I have one used on me at physical therapy. I experience the same the same sensations as you do and I am sure they are putting it on the right places. I just think that sometimes we are much to sensitive to the stimulation...at least I know I am. Sometimes I have to ask them not to use it on days that I am feeling really sore. I just ask for a "gentle" massage. A couple of weeks ago they used the tens unit on my shoulder on the lowest setting and I was jumping off the table in pain. Since it was the lowest setting I agreed to keep it there thinking that it would help...NOT...I could not move my shoulder all weekend because of severe pain. It was as if my shoulder was in a huge spasm.

    I think for now I will stick with the massage...at least for a while.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. RENA0909

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    Hi Benton.I have also tried the tens machine.Never again!!! It actually made me cry with the pain.I was in pain for days after.My hasband uses it for back pain and has no problems.Take care.
    rena uk
  4. Lynda B.

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    My tens unit does not have "levels". I can slowly turn it up the teeniest bit at a time. So I can find something between feeling nothing and going through the roof. I wonder if yours is different than mine.

    On the other hand, my husband cannot stand ANY setting on the TENS unit. He is super sensative.

    Just wondered about this "setting" thing.

    Lynda B.