I have a theory . . .

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    . . .that adrenaline effects muscle pain or the lack of it. I've been thinking when I feel the best is when my adrenaline is pumping for such reasons as getting everything done at Christmas, planning for company, and having plans that require physical activity (this does not apply to housework, unfortunately). Just wondering if anyone else feels that way, that they get a surge of energy and stamina when it is needed the most, ergo the adrenaline connection. I would appreciate any and all responses.

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    Actually the stress of situations like that kills me. Since I am the only with small kids for instance I always have Christmas so my daughter doesn't have to leave her toys. So the stress of having to get ready and all kills me! Of course the added stress of having my in laws over probably doesn't help! They have never been supportive or even informited of my disease. So it is never a pleaseant sistuation. At least I could be realaxed when I could have a glass of wine or two before they came, now with all the meds I wouldn't dream of it. This DD has really ruined everything! :p! And yet this too shall pass! Yet I have learned everyone reacts differently. My sister has Fibro too, and she can't stand the heat, and I can't stand the cold! So wait for more posts! Good Luck! Snoopy in the South! LOL
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    I feel that when things are absolutely expected of me-like going out with my sister when she is in town, or final projects during school are coming due, my body will gear up and do these things- mainly because I push myself, but once I get the momentum going, it can carry me a long time! and I feel okay, then I'll be like lets do this and lets do that. but soon I'll feel a tiredness sneaking up on me and I'll eventually have to at least take a nap or something, if not downright crash. I do feel more capable, but my muscle pain is still the same.

    I used to think this momentum was key to my health- like if I could just get moving again I would be okay. three relapses later- i feel that this adrenaline push is the bodys response to "do something" to help us in someway. when I first landed in the dr office with this DD, my adrenals were exhausted. I liken it to jumpstarting a car with the hope that it will start running on its own. it works for a short time, but repairs on the car have to be made if its to work on its own, as it should. right now, Im trying to make the repairs...

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