I have a wierd kind of ache!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. TaniaF

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    I get an ache from my belly button across the waistline--not extreme pain, just aching. I feel it when I lie down on it in bed for hours or when I pinch the skin (roll). Is this surface pain FM? Is there a muscle there that could flare? At first I thought colon, but you would think any IBS pain would be deeper. I'm thin so there isn't much fat, but my little roll aches.
    Anyone else with this?
  2. stillafreemind

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    I get that too. I first blamed the fibro..but I really think it is my fibroid tumors. Some heat usually calms it down for me.

    Hope this helps..just to know someone else has that pain...Sherry

    P.S. Have you ever had a tubaligation? That would be my third guess.[This Message was Edited on 12/27/2002]
  3. starstella

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    Someone else on the board mentione Clair Davis's book "The Trigger Point Therapy workbook" Abdominal trigger points are discussed there. The lying on your stomach may be putting pressure on them. If you read that book, I got mine on amazon.com, you'll find that trigger points can explain a lot of the weird pains we get.
  4. TaniaF

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    Didn't think about my three C-sections (cut vertically) and a tubal ligation. Sometimes I get a lot of pain in those floating ribs at the waistline too.
  5. tnmystic

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    I have this but i have never had a baby or a the tubel thingy cant spell but i have troulbe with my periods and im overweight i have been having it real bad for the past 3 months now with this kind of pain and now i have a big ugly sore on the right side of my belly button that come up when it came up the pain ease off some but not much
  6. bojo

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    i get that werd ache to in my stomach,i dont ask my doctor ,because now he blames everything on fibro. Do you get it around your hips too.I t feels like you been exerciing all day and you never did nothing. my rolls ache too,so im getting rid of it.
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  7. Shirl

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    Have had that pain too. I am not sure if it was the IBS or the Fibro.

    I lay on my left side and put a heating pad on my stomach. It usually works. Cannot sleep or lay on my stomach at all anymore since the Fibro hit me! Always sleep on one side or the other.

    No operatiions at all, all three babies born natural. So its none of those things.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. LauraLea

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    I get it once in awhile it's a wierd feeling. No surgery and no babies.
  9. tes

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    It's me Tes. Hope you had a very merry christmas. Aside from the rib and stomach pain which hit me bad over the holidays, it turned out to be a very good christmas. I was very very spoiled this year. So were my boys. I know exactly what type of pain you're talking about. I also feel it in my belly button and across my waistline. It's not sharp or stabbing by any means, it feels like tight, gnawing pressure and twisting. I have had this since July on and off and my doctor ran some tests to rule out anything serious and so far everything came back normal. I am doing one more test next month...a barium enema..yuk!!!!lol. Do you ever notice that the pain comes when you're constipated or have alot of gas build up? I find mine acts up more if I haven't gone to the bathroom in days or if I have alot of gas. And I know what you mean when you say it's hard to lie down. I feel it even more when I lie down, so the best position for me to sleep on is on my stomach with my hands putting pressure in the waist area. It's hard to say if this is part of ibs or a trigger point. I know that there are tons of muscles in that area. So, how have you been feeling otherwise? Is your rib pain still acting up? For some reason, I have had alot of rib pain this week. At times it became unbearable. I think to much junk intake over the holidays is taking it's toll on me. I have come to realize that sugar and carbs really put me into a bad flare. Who knows, eh??? From one thing to another. For 9 years I suffered with really bad chest pains and breathing problems due to fm. Now it has affected my lower ribs and abnomen. I guess I will never know how it feels to have no pain. I'm just 31 and I can't imagine having to live like this the rest of my life. I have accepted this illness, but sometimes I just pray that it would go away forever. Tania, hope you can feel better and I'll check back in later.

  10. TaniaF

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    Christmas was good but hectic--it reminds me of a Disney ride. You wait a long time (getting things ready) and it's over in a couple minutes. Looking forward to the New Year and hopes that I feel a little better in 2003. The rib ache is still bad, and I have talked to several doctors this December (tried to get all my physicals done before Dec 31.) No luck with any miracle cures. I think it's the ribs that cause me the aching when I lie down. And yes, the belly ache has something to do with gas. Also when I don't have regular stools. Need to add fiber to my diet. Been reading some horror stories on an IBS board--these people have worse pain than me. What tests did your doctor due on your belly. I just recently had an upper abdoment ultrasound. My liver, pancreas and gal bladder are OK. Need to have a colonoscopy done this year--hit 50. I'm more scared of the sedation than the procedure. Well got to run---and sit with my favorite heating pad. Thanks for writing.
  11. tandy

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    I get that alot and It seems to go with needing to make a bowel movement.(for me)I've had some tests done to rule out a ulcer and whatever else could go on up there.They came out OK. I do have IBS,and when it flares its really bad!!I'm either constipated and can't go,or I have a urgent need to get to the bathroom b/c of diarreah.Severe cramps too!!! but the pain you describe is like mine.
    That keeps me homebound too b/c its such a knawing pain it drives me nuts!!!I find myself rubbing my belly to sooth it.I also use a heating pad more than the average person!!LOL I've been thru 3 heating pads over the last few years!!They must make em cheap!!
    And if I overeat,or just get too full-it makes that spot hurt way more too!!Hate it!
    Warm regards,
  12. onesmileymyley

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    Yes I to get this pain. in fact it is one of my worst pains. I get it really bad and my ribs are a killer. at first I thought it was my Kidneys as they are right below your last rib but they rae fine. I just learn to live with it as I have had if for about a year or so. I also have lumps everywhere in my tummy and quite a few in my ribs. I know that their is a large mucle that is their. it covers your ribs and goes down to your hip. I to am thin so I do not believe it has anything to do with weight. I am 5'1 and 109 lbs. I also had a c-section with my last child and noticed that is when all my rib and waist pain started. maybe it has something to do with all the cutting they do in their. I also noticed that since my c-section I get alot of tummy pain that I never had before.
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  13. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Tania

    It's taken me 18 months to discover that the root of all my IBS and FM symptoms is iliopsoas syndrome. It's a major muscle in the back that can affect all organ and muscle function in the body.

    In the last few days I've already beenable to reduce my symptoms significantly through the right stretches that release that musle. I now plan to get professional trigger point therapy to help get the spine, neck and hip back to stable functioning. My IBS symptoms have completely gone because I released the groin area through stretching. I feel so hopeful I can get over all this. Maybe it will help you too.

    check out these web sites to see if it might be contributing to your problem too.

    good luck