I have another pray request!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mamafrey, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. mamafrey

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    My brother and sister in law are in the process of adopting a little girl, she is due to be born in Oct. I took my sister to Missouri so we could meet the birthmother a couple of weeks ago. This girl is a angel! Please pray that this blessing will come upon my brother and sister, their names are Jim and Marta, they have been waiting for a baby for 9 years. Pray that everything will go well for them, and please ask for a blessing for the mother who is giving this child of hers away.

    I also am asking if you beautiful pray warriors will also pray for my 4 children that they will in their hearts be full of the love of our Christ Jesus and have him lead them to him. Three of my children are still young, but my oldest is 20. I ask all of this in his name Jesus Christ, AMEN!

    Thank you once again, i love all of you. MAMAFREY
  2. mamafrey

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    i just can't express again how sweet and thoughtful you are. I am so sorry to hear that you couldn't have any children. I just don't know what to say, but i am sure God is going to bless you in another area of your life. I know i don't know you personally, but i already consider you a good friend! Thank you so much for praying for my brother and sister in law. I personally think the Lord gave you the greatest gift of all COMPASSION and LOVE. So you are already blessed. I will keep you in my prayers also. Thank you again. God Bless You


  3. fibrojewel

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    My husband and I to were infertility patients for ten years! God just blessed us with children, but I also lost two precious babies. Think how many I will have when I meet Jesus!! I know he is taking care of them for me.

    Point is we started adoption procedures as well, I know it can be a trying time.

    You have my prayers! I will pray for the parents, and the birthmother. I pray that God strengthen this girl, and her choice, and give her peace.

    Mammafrey I see your name is Deanna...well mine is Deena!
    Good name!

    Please keep us posted!
  4. Sunshyne1027

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    Will be praying that their dreams and that little baby's dreams come true. That they will all be blessed with one another. That they will grow, love, cherish each other. That they will become a family, raising this precious child in a Chritian home.


  5. Sunrise

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    I pray to Jesus for your family,
    Lord Jesus put your loving hand upon this family;
    Guide them with the holy spirit;
    Keep them from all evil,
    In Jesus name, Amen

    Blessings, Sunrise

  6. Shirl

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    For the new parents to be, and the young lady that is giving them such a precious gift. Also for your sons to accept the Lord Chirst Jesus and live according to His Word.

    God blessings to all concerned here.

    Shalom, Shirl