i have appt w/state vocrehab counselor

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  1. 69mach1

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    for 11/17/06 so we shall see what they will do for me for college wise. received letter yesterday to make appt because state voc rehab has rated me somehow and counsleor w/go over that w/me.

    i'll keep people informed of the benefits or the negatives of this program for me.

  2. cct

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    Let me know how your relationship with voc. rehab develops.

    Mine was not very productive. The counselor was nice enough, but she kept finding every imaginable excuse to avoid assisting me with any real help.

    I finally gave up! (I think that was their goal . . .to get me to give up so they would not have to do anything!)

  3. 69mach1

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    just wanted to let everyone know what may come of it.

  4. Gothbubbles

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    voc rehab helped me SO MUCH. I had it a couple years ago with a counselor that was not helpful at all (all we did was some tests to see what careers i'd be suited to and we worked on a resume [something i didn't really need help with]), and I can definitely say that having a good counselor makes ALL the difference.

    I have a counselor now who is unbelievable, and she has even referred me to her colleagues when she doesn't know the answer (I've probably seen every counselor at my state's voc rehab office by now lol)

    I've had help with nearly every aspect of my life.

    Voc rehab has gotten me bus passes, and is helping to fund my venture to work at home. They've also helped me find resources of other kinds that have been life-changing.

    If you get a counselor that doesn't help you get things done then you should request a different counselor, I hope you have the same success I have. I <3 voc rehab.