I have been down sick

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    I went down sick for 6 days with high fever, irritated throat, some cough and just went sound asleep and waking up about every 6 hours to take care of cats and myself, then back to bed, my head hits the pillow and I'm out sound asleep again.

    They have lock boxes around the areas for police/fire to get into your place in case of emergency and they came to put my new keys in them and told me there has been a really rough respiratory virus going around and it sounded like it was what I had.

    Amazing, I never had an illness before that knocked me out sleeping for pretty well six days. I have to admit, it was an amazing, deep, wonderful sleep and my body feels so rested.
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    Are you all recovered? Feeling rested sounds wonderful.
    And novel! Haven't heard about these lock boxes. Sounds like a good idea.

    Here are a couple riddles I found in a book of cat jokes for kids.

    What cat is smart as a whip?

    What does a cat use to build a birdhouse?

    Ans: A cat o'nine tails. Ans: A claw hammer.

    'Scuse me, but I doubt many modern kids would understand either answer.
    Here's one re: rabbits that is a little better:

    What kinda music do rabbits like best?

  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    Rock, I love the jokes.

    I'm over being sick, but the amazing part is that my body, mind and soul feel so incredibly rested and it's a good feeling. Like I had some tremendous healing sleep. And also to discover today that I have no hot water and won't have it until Monday.

    They have a wonderful program here that fire/police and realtors got together and sponored. they offer free lockboxes for seniors, disabled and those that are ill and homebound. It provides a key to your place and in case of emergency, police/fire are dispatched with the combination and will open the lock box and get the key and open your door instead of smashing it in to reach you. When signing up, you can even fill out a form and that goes into their info that comes up on their dispatcher's screen when you call that you are "mobility disabled," or "blind," etc. so police and emergency personnel are aware and better able to help you when dispatched or to get you out of the home in case of fire. You can also state you have service animals so fire/police are aware. It's a real step forward in serving seniors, disabled, those that are ill and that it is free is wonderful.

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    I am so sorry you've been sick. The lock boxes sound like a good idea as long as the code doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Here, we have keys in friends' condos. Our keys are in one condo and two of us year-rounders have keys to that condo. I have put all my emergency info in an envelope on my fridge and it's labeled, "Emergency Info for Mikie ____." It contains contact people, my meds and supps, and my insurance card. We had one guy die in here and no one knew whom to contact. That was an eye opener for me.

    I'm now feeding Simon down in the bushes and so I'm up at 5:00 putting out a fresh bowl of food. I know the possums eat what he leaves.

    I'm glad your sleep is restful. Evidently, your body needs it to recover. We miss you. Take care.

    Love, Mikie

    BTW, Rock, I hope kids don't know what a cat 'o nine whip is but they've probably already read "Filthy Shades of Gray."