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  1. katsgirl

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    I am posting this message to personally ask God to forgive me for my selfishness. I,ve been reading messages from a few of the friends here and feel terrible, but much better.

    Please forgive me Lord for feeling sorry for myself. There are many out here who have endured pain and illnesses much longer than I have and they are still going on.

    Forgive me for not having enough faith in you, especially in this time when I really need to. I know that you are in control of all that go on in our lives. I know that you, and only you, will help the doctors find out what is wrong with me, but in your time, not mine. Forgive me for not being patient with you, after all, you have been patient with me for all of my life.

    Lord I had a plan for my life, and you have a plan. I know that you are the best planner. I should not question you or ask, why me? I am blessed to be able to type on this computer because someone else isnt able. I am bless that the only problem that I have right now is with my legs, It could be my whole body.

    Forgive me Father for not seeing all of the blessings around me, my husband, my children, my home, and everything that you have BLESSED me with.

    I ACCEPT my problems and myself Father. I will no longer dwell on "WHATS WRONG". I will always think about "WHATS RIGHT"

    We all are getting the proper care, here on this message board......PRAYER......the best medicine of all.

    May we ALL continue to be blessed.
  2. MIssAutumn

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    What a special message you have written! Even in this state of health we can find something positive. It can be hard when things don't seem to go "our" way. But I have learned that to complain and focus on the negative is going against everything God has planned for me.

    This is a wonderful reminder to try and be thankful for what we have.

    Thank you.
  3. Lupian

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    We all need to fluff up our attitude of gratitude because we have so much! We need to remember to be grateful for the basics, too. A roof, a warm house, food, safety, friends - there is so much for which we can be grateful. I loved your post and am so happy for you, that you now are going to be much happier. Thanks for that!
  4. kitkat6j

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    that was great god is in control i also ask for forgiveness thanks
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    It is always so easy to think that we are in control of our lives and want to keep it that way. However, once we give it up (and I mean ALL) up to the Lord, it will be much easier on us! Take a load off----
    It's like looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. Easier said than done I know and it takes lots of practice. We can do it though!!
    I have learned in my life that before I ask the Lord for anything, I have to thank him over and over for my many blessings in this life. I saw a dramatic change in my life once I did this.
    I still have lots of bumps in the road, as we all do, but now they are much easier to get over. One that stays in prayer with the Lord is in his grace.

    May the Lord embrace you all with comfort and peace.

    Best Regards, F. Meems
  6. katsgirl

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    thanks to everyone for your kindness and understanding. I continue to have good days, and can cope much better since asking god to forgive me. I continue to pray for myself and all of you because I know that it works.