i have been going with mycroplasma theory and its working

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    i don't care who believes it or not but i have been on the antibiotics bloodcleansing lymphatic massage daily and a special combo of vitiamins and minerals and in my case where i am unable to maintain potassium extra of that and now that is levalling off. it has only been 2 weeks but i see a diff in sleep pattern and have cut down on pain killers my legs and arms are basically useless but i have been bed ridden for 15mnths so it will not be over night and at this point i figure i have nothing to lose i had my pharm. and dietician and dr check everything before i tried it and got okay the antibiotics made you more sick than you have ever felt for the first bit then it passes and you would be amazed at how much better your mood is alone and you will get rid of alot of disgusting stuff this is just my experiance maybe it did nothing for someone else.ejay
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    With Dr. Nicolson's research showing that 60-70 percent of us with CFS/FMS also have chronic mycoplasma infections, I think it's a good bet for us to give the antibiotic therapy a shot. Good for you :)

    Love, Mikie
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    my husband is so thrilled with this and ''our'' progress as he calls it since he always calls it ''our disease'' he feels we are kicken butt and at my last family dr visit he was shocked at how well i was progressing he did not nor the pharm figure i would be able to take the antibiotics i told them i would they sd i didnt know what i was up against and never had any one stay one this course yet well i'm still kicken i guess they do't know what strenghth the fibro gang here have.i have a break because my best freind is a lic. massagethera. and spends everyday working at least 3 hours on me for free and we have also found the blood cleanse machine makes big diff. i will be in my garden by summer and 4 wheelin i cant wait.
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    You Are Making me Smile !!! Keep Up the Good Work !!!