I have been sitting here tonight after doing some house work

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    I have been trying to get my house cleanned up . I have been doing some laundry and folding it and putting it away as soon as I get it done or I don't ever get it done and then all the clothes get walked on and damp as my laundry area is in the basement . And with the swamp cooler the basement always seems to get damper when it is on.

    But tonight I noticed taht my left foot wa having a cramp right in the middle of my foot ,at the highest point of the foot and it was so painfull that I almost cried. I have been having bad leg aches alot but I have been thinking it is do to the heat we have been having and my overdoing things.

    I hate it htat I am getting cramps and some knots in my legs and feet, and in my "groan" muscles , I can feel these knots and they hurt but I don't have the money to get the massages for MPS they will have to wait for awhile.
    And there is alot of stress in my life and I am trying to let it go and let my daughters figure out their lives for them selves not me figureing it out for them.

    They are grown up and can do what they want and make their own choices and don't need me to make them for them.

    AS I want to do. This not having any kids at home is hard for me as I still have the feelings of being the "MOM" and they don't need someone to tell them what to do.And I don't think that their husbands would like me much if I were to tell them how to run their lives.

    And I have been having some added stress with family members. I have a daughter who makes me nervouse as she works for the DMV . She told my MOM who takes Lortab 10's for her polyaligia rhemucitica {sp} they are not working so her doctor has offered to put her one something like Oxycontin or MSconitn. MY daughter informed her grandma that if she was going to be taking the stronger meds that she would take her drivers lience away from her.

    As she will be driving under the influance. IF I were to get in a accident and my meds were with me they would find out that I was DUI and I try not to drive when I take my muscle relaxants as they make me zoned at times. But still I am taking strong pain meds such as Mscontin and MSIR, SOMA, Xanax, Valium,Visteril.

    So I am driving under the influance of drugs not the alochol. But I still am driving illegally I think.I try not to take my meds when I have to drive long distances as for some reason I get really tired then and I don't take them like I should be taking them. I will forget the pain pills when I am flaring.

    AS dumb as that sounds I get so fatiqued and sleepy when I flare that I will just have enough energy to climb up my stairs and plop my slef of the couch and I will dose off and on all day long. And I don't remember that DARN I should have taken the MScontin at 2 pm and the MSIR for the breakthru pain.

    I wish that someone would understand that I really do drvie better if I have taken my pain meds, I am more alert as I am not bawling from the pain. I pay more attention as I know that I need to do so because of what I am on. Does that sound dumb? I would like my MOm to be out of pain and to be able to take something stronger but as she is 79 in august. I don't know that she will be able to asorbe the pain meds as well as I do and adjust to them as fast as I did.

    When I started taking the MSContin 100 mg {Yep I take the BIG STUFF AND STRONG STUFF} I was working at the time so I started taking them on a friday , sat, And sunday so that I could find out how I felt while taking them and for me they did not zone me out .

    But I have been taking stong pain meds for years now. Having been on Oxycontin and the Fentynal patch,so switching to the MScointin was not that big of a deal.But when I started taking the Oxycontin I was a bit loopy for a day or so. But I am much younger than mom is.

    And I do take my meds daily and on a semi schedule where she takes them when the PAIN GETS BAD , I try to get her to take them when the pain is not so bad, like it is small. Just at the point where you need something more than the over the counter meds. That to me is the best time to take your pain meds . EVen the long acting ones. And I take my MSIR that way also.

    I dont't know why it is but to me I get the impression that my family thinks that I enjoy taking my pain meds & get a thrill out of them & I don't and would give most anything to not need to take them for this horrendous pain I have to live with.

    I am not a candidaite for surgeries for my knees as I am on such a stong dose of Morphine and the doctors start to have breathing diffuculties when I tell them what my dose is .

    Why do people think that I like to take my pain meds. I don't want to take them I don't want to have them in my life but in order for me to get the things I need to do done I need to take them.My Mom is the same way. She needs something stronger to ease her pain and to me she should not be pennilized for taking that so she can be able to function as she once did.

    Yes I Know that she may have to start out on a lower dose and since she switched her pain meds from the Lortabs 7.5 to the 10's she has not felt any different except taht they don't really do much for her.

    You know that even having chronic pain changes your life. People who have never taken as much as a tylonyel all their lives are now on some questionable pain meds that people automaticly assume that you will become ADDICTED TO.
    Am I right? I am well aware of my family feeling that I am addicted to my MScontin and MSIR and I am not..

    FOr if I was could I take my morning dose at 7:30 am and not take any thing else till 4 pm or later that day? NO WAY, I would be hunting for something to take now and it would be a craving not because I am in pain.

    I want people to understand that there is such a huge difference in addiction and dependance. I am dependant on my meds to control my pain but I am not addcited to them as I have gone as long as 15 hours and not taken another dose. WAS that smart NO but I did it.

    WE each react differently to our pain medications and I know that . I think it will take my MOm a few more days to get adjusted to her meds if her doctor up's them to the MSContin. I don't think that the next day she will be bouncy as she does get sleepy in the afternoon now but them so do I.

    Life is not to be so hard and hard to figure out how to do things in your life. I didn't want to be on pain meds even though I have been on some form of them most of my life. I started out with horriable cramps and headaches so I was given T3's and I had them for years , NOt every month but at least every other month. And when things got more painful my gyn/ob would give me a shot of Demoral and make me go home and to sleep.

    And the dose that he gave me was 75 mg's of demoral and 25 of phenergan. And that used to knock my socks off and I would fight it and try to not lose the ablilty of control. I don't like that feeling of being out of it and not being able to think for my self.

    So I now have a question for you. Do I seem out of it? Unable to do things in my lfe such as to drive? Other than my spelling errors and my grammer am I sounding like I am with it? Does what I say make scense to you?

    I am asking this because I have taken my night times meds adn I am a bit sleepy but I don't feel like I can't think straight. Yes I am sleepy but it is after 1 am almost 2 am now.

    I just want to know if my writing gives you the impression that I am under the influance of drugs?
    And I am going to go to bed now as my feet are hurting as are my legs aching. SO it is off to my bed to sleep.. I have much to do today, My middle daughter sent me money to sign up for deep end water arobics called HydroFIT. Our pool is an out door pool so there is only a month of class's left. AFter that if I like it I will look in to taking class's at one of the high schools we have around Logan.

    Thanks for putting up with my LONG POSTS.
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    i was on mscontin and was fine to drive - its down to the person. on our meds packets it says 'if you feel drowsy do not drive or operate machinery'

    if you are unsure about anything contact your driving standards agency or double check with your dr.

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    Remember that song? Rudolf Friml.

    Your post sounds fine to me.

    Will you be taking up sychronized swimming?

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    I will not be doing any swimming at all. I will just be in the HydroFit class. All the pool arobiecs are done in the deep end of the pool with floats that fit on your ankles and wrists and some long floats. You do all the exercising in the deep in of the pool and it is the best feeling for me.

    I like to get a float and put it under my arms and just let my chubby ? too cubby? NO bikini 's for me EVER!!!

    I just like to let my body hang and be supported by the floats and it feels like there is no weight at all on your body and it just feels so relaxing to me.

    And dispite this chucky body of mine I still to float. LOL I may look funny in the suit but oh well hopefully it will not be so bright out side at 9:30 tonight. As that is my first time in this outdoor pool.
    I really hope that it is fun.