I have been woke up so many times to night Honey Your snoring

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    Ok No one likes to get woken up but this is ridulous. I went to bed early because I had a sore throat and a hugely bad headache that hit the pain scale about a 8 and that was after the MSContin and MSIR. So I took some advil and hoped that it would just boost things enought for me to sleep. I know that when I get this way eigher it is a cold or bronchitis or phemoumoinia and my head gets all nuffy and I can't breathe very well , It was bad enough that i had take the inhaler.

    I just finally found a postition that was comforatable and I must have falled alseep when out of nowwhere this loud noice and someone was shakking me QUIT SNORONG AND WALKE UP.I can't help it if my head is stuffy and I can't breathe so I just went back to sleep. Now my husband has been sick too and I have not complanined about the sounds that were coiming from my bathroom that I could hear down stairs I know TOO MUCH INFO. But I didn't complain about it. I was worried about him

    So this has been the thired time this night that I have been told to QUIT SNORING NOW So I got up and grabbed my pillows and some blankets and came up stairs to my daughters bedroom but she is not here so I am going to go to bed there that way my hubby can't tell me to QUIT IT and stop my SNORNIG, And bye the way HE snores too and much louder than I do as I have taped him snoring.

    HE asked me where do you think your going and I said up stairs where I can sleep and I won't WAKE YOU YP again with my SNORING. Is that ok? It must have been but then he said you don't have to go . But since I am wakeing my slef up too I am going to sleep bye my self so I can get some sleep and hopefully feel better today later on.

    Just how is it that when a man snores his wife is makeing it up but if the wife snores if is HONEY YOUR NSNORING AGAIN STOP IT NOW PLEASE. It does not matter how softly I samke nocies in my sleep and I do the moans of my pain getting to me and the darn nightmares that wake him up because I am yelling at him to get some help here now. And I sitll get told to stop it.
    So before this goes any futher to night I am sleeping in our daughters room as she is in CT.
    I am goin to take a pain paill and a soma and go to sleep. I can't take any thing for the stuffy nose so I have a vicks inhaler that smells like VICKS and when I use it I get Honey that stinks do you have to use it. So I replyed do you want me to keep you up all night with my SNORING or can I use this to see if it will help me to sleep with the SNORNING.

    So I am off to my bed now and hopfully will be sleeping soon and no one will tell me to be quite and not to snore.
    I don't understand med when they get sick they want everything done for them but when I am sick I still am doing every thing for him and he is sleeping and I am once more AWAKE !!!!!!

    Sso off to the bed I go. And I will use the vicks inhaler once more. And if this gets worse I will use my asthma inhaler once more but I hate the feeling of my heart beating so fast.And I left it down stairs so I would have to to and get it later on.
    OK IO am done whinning about his now. and I am going to bed to sleep snoring and all.

    STill snoring and no one to wake me up to tell me to quit it.

    And if this snoring ,acheing and general feeling of maliase is not enonogh I am getting that feeling of a flare comming on.As I have my Deisl TRuck cough and my chest it tight and I feel like the mack truck is sitting on my chest right now. So I really don't feel so great.
    And I am one of those people who run body temps of under the nromal 98.6 mine is 96.7 and now it is tonight 99.8- 100.4 so I am running a fever too. HOW fun for me. But if I went to the doctor I would be told that I don't haev a fever at all so what is the point of going any way. I wwill not be sick . Just will have a viriius and don't feel good. so Why go thought all this .
    Me and my acheying breaky body are going to go to BED and snoree too.
  2. jhmitch

    jhmitch New Member

    Going to your daughter's bedroom was a wise decision, IMHO.

    Many of us snore, whether we realize it or not. My husband can wake the dead with his snoring - especially if his allergies are acting up or he has a head cold. I can snore too.

    Do you have a "white noise" machine in your bedroom (it masks out sudden sounds and is great for light sleepers)?

    If snoring is still a problem, maybe moving to a spare bedroom is the only way to insure that both of you get enough sleep.
  3. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    We have our own seperate bedrooms!!!!!

    Hubby is a light sleeper and I sleep like a bear.

    So, it's perfect for us.

    My body temp is always under when I have the flu.

    But, I have ALL the symptoms of it. Fever, chills,
    sore throat. Feel like a SEmi ran over you and backed up Twice just to make sure they hit you.

    OH on the snoring as well..the dentist can make

    a snore guard for your mouth as well..No joke it works.

    My girlfriend had her hubby get one after they sucked him into taking out his adnoides, stretching his throat-( did the Dr need his jaguar payment that week???)

    And it works.
    I have a snore guard too.

    But the sleepin apart also is he likes the room HOT and I like it near frost bite.

    My little dog isnt fond of the cold either and I think she may call her lawyer on that one!

    DO you lay on you back?

    As thats how I get so my snoring bear stages.

    My cousins grand father wears a vest with tennis balls sewn in the back so that when he trys to roll over on his back it makes him roll on his sides.

    His sleep dr told him that to do that and he is 80.

  4. mme_curie68

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    You poor thing!

    Nothing worse when you're sick when you can't even rest properly.

    By the third time I got woken up, I would've slugged my husband.

    But you should've made HIM leave the bed since he was being such a baby about it.

    I have asthma that always acts up when I get sick. Mucinex (extended release guaifenesin) really does a great job helping to keep my lungs clear.

    I find if I use it right away, I don't end up on antibiotics and prednisone later once infection and inflammation sets in.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Madame Curie
  5. suzette1954

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    Im sorry you are sick. My husband swears he doesnt snore although the boys when they were little loved to tape him in the mornings when he was sleeping in. Men are just little boys in larger bodies.

    They arent good patients when they are sick either. When Im sick, Ive learned to say, You are on your own. Then I take care of myself and fix my own drinks or soup or whatever and he goes out and gets something to eat. Oh well, God bless you and may His angels come down and hold you in their arms until you are better.

    Sleep well and I dont care if you snore. I do too.


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