I have been wondering about this (kind of morbid)

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    I don't mean to upset anyone or gross anyone out; but I was wondering about people that donate their bodies to science.
    What if one of these people happen to have CFS or FMS, I wonder if their muscles and nerves, etc. would show some evidence as to what causes our diseases.

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    Yes, death is morbid and sad but something we all must face someday. I wonder if any coroners have found something and do not know what it is that they have found. Cadavers provide an insight to medical advancements and the people that donate thier bodies to science are doing something that will provide benefits for the future. Very interesting point you have brought up...maybe we should all start contacting coroners to see if they have seen any weird symptoms over the years during the autopsies of people with our diagnosis? Love, Hippen
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    In the message search box key in organ donation. There are some informative posts there regarding organ donation.
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    But I don't think my family would be able to handle me donating my body to science. Most people are comforted with the viewing process as a way to say goodbye.
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    I have a friend who was blessed with someone's organ. She was so sick and close to death that an organ from an FM person would have still been a blessing. Just consider what the alternative would be. I will gladly give my organs to someone who needs them. Even with FM, I am glad for each day I have on earth. But when my time here ends I will let them take anything they want that might benefit a you, your child or science. Let some new medical student practice cutting on me before they have to really cut on someone's sick child. I've already told my friends and family they can all go out to eat for my funeral since that is what I really enjoy. And since we are on this subject. I have been looking for my tombstone already. I was thinking of maybe a marble bird bath but I want it to glow in the dark. I am a little different...............