I have beenSICK/ off board since 03/02/2006 need update

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atiledsner, Mar 13, 2006.

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    i am glad you posted tonight...how is everything with you besides your health? meaning your ex-boyfriend...has he paid you the phone bill? i am sorry you had t go through all that you did...

    then how is your health really doing? sick for a long time....did you get a a flu bug or is it your fibro?

    and as for rain i think the earlier post was correct...i don't now what to really make of it andi just dont have time to make anything of it to begin with now...

    well let me know how you are doing?

    hugs to you

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    Sorry to hear that you've been through a rough trot :(
    Hope that you are feeling better soon. ~*Gentle Hugs*~

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    I have had the flu bug,started with dizziness,sore throat, then fever.At this time I still have a terrible cough.I haven't been able to sleep much and have no appetite.

    Sorry to find out about Rain. i had a friend one time that made up a corporation,she had a board of directors.....all of it was made up.

    I was onto her but never let on.I was told she had illusions of grandure. She had been in an accident and had a head injury.

    She was found dead two years ago,she had been dead 11 days. Her actions were so irratic no one knew she was at home,so for Christmas they went looking for her. It's so sad for someone to have to make up a story to have a life.

    If I was going to make up one it would be one to make people laugh not be sad and cry.I've had enough tradegy in my life I wouldn't have to make ant up.

    Oh well my prayers will not return unto me void. I said a lot of them for her and hers.

    Hi to you newbies, welcome to the board.
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    yes the x is paying the phone bill.BUT guess what?He doesn't have access to my computer or phone bills you know private things.

    A company called accuserve had signed me up for voice mail and changed my e-mail server without my permission.

    A few years ago long distance companies did this often. It was a hastle to get changed back to the server you had chosen. Then telemarketers worried you to death trying to get you to change back.

    I had 175.00 worth of charges I had to dispute.They will remove the charges within a few weeks.

    Nine other calls had been put on my bill from a company in Las Vegas.I disputed them too. I won't pay any of these.

    Thanks for inquiring.The x now has a job and makes as much as 11.25 an hour some days.He really likes it.
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    I worked for a telecommunications company, and I was constantly dealing with customers who had their service providers changed without their knowledge.

    When dealing with the companies, they will usually ALWAYS imply that it is your fault on some level.

    "Well it's your bill - you should know what's on it"

    "Well it's your service - you should be aware of what your using" etc

    I had an account that I had to put a usage cap on because the bill within 2 weeks was already in exceed of $14,000.

    The customer had been talking to someone who convinced they would be better off with their internet service.

    What was happening was people with dial up were going to websites that automatically logged cookies in their computers which were programmed to automatically redial to a long distance # after the user logged off. (usually adult sites)

    If you ever have to dispute charges on your phone bill - the best way to avoid any hassle is to ask to hear the recording of your 'third party verification'. (TPV)

    Whenever changing services or service providers - the company is legally required to do a TPV of where a third party company will ask you to state which company you are currently with - and which company you are chosing to switch to. They will go into a long speech using terms like 'PIC' & 'LPIC' to try and confuse the customer - but really 'PIC' means Long Distance (out of state) and 'LPIC' means Local Long Distance (within state)

    If no one has any verbal/recorded proof that you made changes to your service - they shouldn't be able to hold you responsible for ANY of the charges.

    If someone says that they will reasearch the charges, typically that's standard procedure. Even calls that I could see were not correct - I still had to send to our research department on a "Denies all Knowledge" (DAK) Form.

    Way too many people are billed for bogus phone charges and never dispute it - or give up trying to.

    After working this job for a couple of years, I now check my phone bill even more closely then my credit card statement; where as I used to just look at the total and pay it!

    Hope this info can help when it comes to disputing the charges!


    As well, even if you choose not to have an LD carrier - you can still be billed for LD calls. Unless you pay to have a LD block added to your services - calls will be billed under a company called ZPDI (zero plus dialing incorporated) which charge an absolutely INSANE amount of money for calls..

    This company can charge literally anywhere from a few cents - upto $22 per minute at their own discretion.

    Unfortunately, these calls cannot be disputed through your local phone company - but usually once the customer contacts ZPDI directly; calls are rerated to a much lesser amount.

    ZPDI in alot of states also bill on behalf of 900#'s[This Message was Edited on 03/14/2006]

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