I have both FM and LUPUS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tjlibby, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. tjlibby

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    Newbie here I love the posts you are writing, very interesting. How can tell the difference between FM and LUPUS. I do ache but don't know what is the problem FM or LUPUS.. Any ideas?
  2. PERRI

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    i have been treated for R/A and Lupus for the last 5 years. I am beginning to wonder if I don't have FM as well. Any clues? Thanks, Perri
  3. jka

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    i was diagnosed with lupus 16 yrs ago and fibro 7 yrs.the doc spent two years before he decided i had fibro messing around with the lupus because the symtoms are so close.he thought i was having a bad lupus flare.the symptoms are really close.there are tests for the lupus.have your doc give them to you.

    kathy c
  4. tandy

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    I just had a possitive ANA after dealing with fibro for 11yrs.So I went this morning for further testing~ I won't know anything for a couple of weeks??I hope its not lupus:(
    I guess FM and lupus symptoms are very close. I just started looking up info on lupus....it does'nt sound like something I want going on in me~
    now the waiting game..........sigh.........
  5. Ellen_B

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    FM and lupus do share symptoms, but are not the same disease. Lupus is an autoimmune illness where the immune system attacks the healthy body organs (i.e., skin, kidney, heart, lungs, joints, etc.). The fatigue and muscle aches are the same as those of FM. From what I've read, I think that FM is more neurological than autoimmune. Although both illnesses can be debilitating, lupus is the more serious. Before treatments were found, people would die within 2 weeks of their first lupus symptoms. The ANA blood test can indicate autoimmune illness in general, but is not specific for lupus. Everyone with lupus usually has a high ANA, but not everyone with a high ANA has lupus. Make sense? A test more specific for lupus is the double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). If tested, ask your doctor about those results as well.
  6. jka

    jka New Member

    i've had lupus for 16 yrs and fibro for6-7 yrs.the symtoms are alot alike.there are test for lupus and it can be life threatening.i was extremely ill when i was first diagnosed. my interenst and rhumy have both said i never should have been able to get to the point where i am now.i had a pretty sever case of it.i had about 1 good year before the fibro hit.the doc just thought it was the lupus flaring up.it was 2 yrs before i got diagnosed for fibro.i can't tell you if it's fm or lupus.you need to get to a doc right awawy.if it's lupus it's impotant to get treated right away. ou don't want it to get into your major organs.you can also look lupus on the internet. there are some good sites.if you need to talk -let me know.

    kathy c