I have chemical senstivity dry rosacea. Any recs for skincare?

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  1. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I cannot tolerate a lot of natural stuff either...would love to know what people are using? Thanks, Shell :)
  2. tansy

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    Hi Shell

    I don't have this problem but a local PWME does so I have just 'phoned her because she finally found two moisturisers her skin tolerated. Reactions and sensitivities vary from one person to another so they still might not suit you.

    The first, and her favourite, is Liz Earle's Superskin moisturiser; it has no essential/aromatherapy oils etc and was developed for those with very sensitive skins. The Superskin Concentrate is to be avoided though.

    Liz Earle do a small size so that would cut down on the intial outlay; you can phone them and ask about it.

    Second is Beate Johnen's skinlike moisturiser that's made in Germany. She bought this from Ideal World tv and they have a 30 day money back guarantee so all you would lose if it does not suit is the P&P. Once opened this moisturiser only lasts for three months.

    Bio Oil probably has too many potential irritants but that's very popular with local PWME who have various skin conditions. I used this to speed up healing of a surgery incision. It can be used on the face and body.

    I going off on a tangent here but as you may know I am a ME patient activist. Can you tell me how your GET programme in Liverpool went? I know you were experiencing problems with GET intially; did this remain the case?

    tc, Tansy
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  3. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Thanks so much for going to such trouble for me....I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to look both up.. I don't want to be any more trouble but when you next speak to her (please don't make a special call again) would you ask her what she uses to cleanse with, and also, if she has ocular rosacea, what she can use to clean her eyes? I have rosacea in my eyes too and when I try to use just water they get red, gum up and itch and sting..
    Thanks Tansy for your kindness...it's appreciated! Shell :)
  4. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    It really didn't help at all. I'm still, to honest, confused about the differences between ME and CFS. I know some docs don't distinguish and my doc seems to think they are interchangeable titles... The GET therapy sessions I attended focused on CFS.

    Some of the people in the group seemed to be helped but I really think that maybe some of the people there who responded well had either been wrongly diagnosed to start with or did okay cos their condition was very mild (not what I would think of as moderate or severe ME or CFS) - mild enough to respond to graded exercise. Am I making sense?
    I was not one of those who was helped and while the people leading it did not said that that was my fault I was made to feel like perhaps I had done something to jeopardise my own recovery or improvement. There was lots of 'tut, tut, nevermind...some people take longer to respond...keep going'.. That was my final bit of advice from them as the course wound to an end.
    I really think the NHS is treating CFS ME with a 'one size fits all' kind of treatment which is such a shame... :( I think I was seen as a bit of a trouble causer on the GET course as I kept asking how, if there are many causes of ME/ CFS, it can be successfully treated with GET...
    I have recently asked my doctor if there are any other treatments in the pipeline as I seem to be really struggling now. There was a time when I could go out....I haven't been out now for over a month... My doc says there are no new treatments available just yet...very frustrating!

    Tansy, are you aware of any new treatments? The GET was a waste of time...the people who ran it were also very patronising! :(

    I guess my experience with GET is in line with many others'...

    Is GET still being pushed as the way forward?

  5. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    The friend with ME who has rosacea and can use those moisturisers, does she also have chemical sensitivity? Thanks, Shell :)
  6. kbak

    kbak Member

    I have rosacea. I use zinc powder ( which protects against the sun which agervates rosacea) mixed with seseme oil to make a paste. It realy helps keep it in check. Ya it's natural but won't make things worse. I have extremely sensitive skin also.

    Take care,
  7. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Shell

    I can remember what she used as a cleanser because I’ve passed the info on to others. One part each of olive oil (other oils can be used) and honey two parts distilled water; leave this mixture on for a few minutes before gently wiping it off with (she likes to use a muslin or microfibre cloth). I do not think her eyes are as bad as yours and I do not know atm is she uses anything different in that area. She does have MCS but it’s not as severe now.

    She is a mental health professional who after ten years got back to work part time on a self employed basis. She uses CBT in her practice but insists it is not the answer for ME and spends a lot of time educating her professional peers on what ME really is and why CBT is not the great cure they’ve been told it is.

    She is strongly opposed to GET and insists the only reason she has been able to return to work is pacing, dietary changes, cleaning up her home environment (chemicals etc), and some Alternatives recommended by a friend (he’s a GP).

    If your MCS is severe that would seem to be a priority because it can cause similar symptoms. Many PWME report it is worse during the earlier stages of the illness.

    Atm there is no single treatment for ME in the UK. Some, like myself, are doing well on several of the protocols used by Sarah Myhill; they support mitochondrial function and the methylation pathways. Info on these are available on her website at

    Other seem to respond well to Marty Pall’s protocol that includes antioxidants; as more have been following his suggestions they have found they do better with small amounts of various anti oxidants rather than high doses. Grape seed extract is an antioxidant and it’s helped some here so I hope it’s successful for you too.

    Dr Myhill also outlines the key areas for treating MCS at
    Glutathione is mentioned there, it seems to be a key factor for many with these DDs. Rich (richvank) explains the links with glutathione in his posts here on the methylation pathways.

    A few PCTs have funded treatments at the Breakspear Hospital.

    GPs in the UK are limited in what they can offer you for ME or CFS but they will often use another diagnostic label if they think a med might help. I am very sensitive to meds and my GP finally acknowledges that; took more severe med reactions post surgery for that to sink in. He tells me that he has a limited tool bag and his hands are tied; in our area only NICE approved treatments are funded.

    Until we have more funding for medical research and trials on other treatments (Dr Kerr has proposed Tx based upon sub sets) it is going to remain an uphill struggle; the current push to reduce the numbers on sickness and disability payments means the psychobabbler’s CBT and GET programmes are seen as the means of achieving this.

    Yes GET and CBT, that often involves programmes similar to GET, are being pushed as the only evidence based treatments for CFS/ME. If GET made you worse you should let the health minister know and send a copy of your letter to your MP.

    Your report is similar to others; many are now more ill than they were before GET. GET may work for idiopathic fatigue states and subsequent deconditioning; but it should be contraindicated for ME as defined by Acheson, Ramsay, Richardson, Dowsett, Hyde et al.

    Tc, Tansy
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  8. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    you with one more question.

    You said:
    If your MCS is severe that would seem to be a priority because it can cause similar symptoms. Many PWME report it is worse during the earlier stages of the illness.

    Did you mean PWME report the ME is worse in early stages or the chemical sensitivity which many of us appear to have is worse in the early stages? I hope you mean the latter as my sensitivities are quite bad right now...

    I do think chemicals are one of my greatest triggers and man stumbling blocks to getting well... I have tried to avoid chemicals in my personal care (skincare, makeup etc) but I seem to be equally senstive to natural stuff! It's a fine line, too, cos I have quite a bad case of dry, senstitive rosacea....I have to try to keep the rosacea happy but, of course, that means using things on my face which usually make me feel extremely ill. Like, I said to another person here: it's a catch 22 situation...

    I have tried (the shame of it) not washing my face or using anything to moisturise for a day or two but I still end up feeling like I am having a chemical sensitivity reaction!

    This is why I am trying to strengthen my body...so it can cope with the stuff I have to use...I mean everyone has to wash their face, don't they? I will try what your friend does to cleanse....but oddly, I seem to have bad chemical sensitivity reactions to what doesn't seem to bother other chemical sensitivity sufferers...eg I tried to use plain olive oil to moisturise and felt sick within minutes... I don't understand why I don't even seem to be able to moisturise my face with straight plain natural oils like olive or jojoba...other chemical sensitivity sufferers seem to be able to....or can use chemical-containing lotions etc as long as they don't contain fragrance.... it's very odd to me that I seem reactive to everything...it's very disheartening but I'm hoping I'll find some things that don't create this awful backlash of nasty symptoms..

    BTW, I will be sure to look up the Dr Myhill stuff! Thanks for passing it on!

    Sorry for going on! Thanks for understanding! Shell :)

    Ps Thanks also to Kbak :)
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  9. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Shell

    I meant the latter. As patients go into the later stages they often report an improvement in MCS and fewer, or less severe, allergic reactions. I'm not sure this would apply to those forced into GET etc because it frequently makes patients worse and brings about a repeat of Sx related to the earlier stages.

    I can react to topical preparations and ironically ones often sold as being hypoallergenic could cause more reactions than those where no such claims were made. On the whole natural products are better for me but that's no guarantee I will not react to them. I like to keep my toxin/chemical exposure as low as possible.

    This has been very frustrating for you I know and I'm sorry it's proving such a difficult problem to resolve.

    tc, Tansy
  10. quanked

    quanked Member

    My dermatologist recommended Neutrogena moisturizer. It has and spf of 15. I have used for years and there have been no problems. He differentiated it from cosmetic moisturizers. Good luck.
  11. vannafeelbettr

    vannafeelbettr New Member

    Her website is www.veronicaslavishlathers.com

    She is not expensive. I LOVE her products. Info on products can be learned on the side (she adds nothing harsh or artificial). You can even e-mail her with questions and she'll respond promptly!!
  12. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Shell

    As you may know there two judicial reviews (second hearing) this Autumn. A website has been set up by a supporter and there is a request for accounts of bad experiences. Even if your GET course finished before that date I still think it could help.

    You can read more about this at

    Good to see you are getting more suggestions for skin care.

    tc, Tansy

  13. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I was taught that roseacea is due to B complex deficiency from malabsorption. The treatment is internal...a daily high dose B Complex supplement and digestive enzyme supplements with each meal. It stopped mine from getting worse.

    I had it so bad I had Rhinophyma, and the end of my nose had tripled in size, despite using Metrogel. Now I don't use anything topical and haven't for over a decade, except for a time last year when the disease attacked my pancreas and I developed severe fat malabsorption problems. This caused my worst rosacea ever, confirming the idea that malabsorption is a possible cause. I have to take very strong prescription enzymes now, instead of OTC ones, but the roseacea is gone again.

  14. ephemera

    ephemera New Member


    do you have a reference for MCS getting better over time? Thanks for any direciton you can point me in for any published info.

    My MCS & sensosry overload have become much, much worse over time. Bummer.

    best to you
  15. pansylady

    pansylady New Member

    I also suffer from MCS really bad. I now use a moisteriser by the Green People Co. They are based in teh UK. They have a website greenpeople.co.uk They contain nearly all natural ingredients . I am even allergic to some of the ones who say they are for sensitive skins. The chemicals to avoid are Laural Sulphate,Proplene Glycol,Polyparpens , as these are an irritent to people that suffer from MCS.

    Even Simple I am allergic to. Green people have a lovely Rosemary shampoo which I use and it last ages. I still havent found a cleanser with chemicals which doesnt help.
    I also use Green Peoples sun screen factor 20 as nearly all sunscreens contain additives and preservatives.

    Hope this helps .


  16. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I react to Green People's Moisturiser...even their Base range in the yellow packaging... :( Can I just as, since you haven't found a cleanser, how you clean your face and eyes? Just water irritates mine. If I try to wash with just water my skin gets really sore and it flares the rosacea, and more worryingly, I get awful painful eyes (like serious painful pressure in my eyes which also then leads to sinus pain). I can use a cleaner right now called 'Kiehl's Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover' but that has been reformulated and now contains many irritants..

    I am very worried about what I do when this cleanser runs out because of how sore my eyes get when I use just water...I don't know why that happens... :(

    Could I ask you how you know that the chemicals you mentioned are particularly problematic for chemical sensitivity sufferers?

    Someone on a skincare board recommended that I try Chagrin Valley soaps which I'm considering but that wouldn't address the eye cleansing problem because obvioulsy I wouldn't dream of putting soap near my eyes...ouch!
    If you do a search for Chagrin Valley Soaps on Google a URL should come up for it... if you're interested... She categorises soap...there is alittle link like 'How to choose the soap for you'...something like that..

    Have you found any supplements have helped your MCS? Jaminhealth has kindly suggested Grapeseed Extract and I'm giving that a go... Have you found you also have a lot of food intolerances..? I was tested by a reputable co. for food intolerances and milk, sunflower oil and hazelnut were pinpointed, as were yeast and egg to a lesser extent. I never really pursued exluding these as my own doctor was very dismissive about the accuracy of these tests and felt that, anyway, simple intolerances would not be sufficient to undermine the health to such an extent as to create chemical sensitivity..I don't know the truth of it?

    Can I ask the exact names of the Green People products you tolerate...it may be worth me trying to get hold of samples again...I knoe the moisturiser I used was supposed to be for those with serious sensitivities...

    Could I ask what makeup, if any, you can use...foundations, blush, mascara etc and it you wear the latter, how you remove it? Do you also find natural stuff (even 100%) can be as problematic as chemical skincare/ makeup?

    Sorry for so many questions...hope you are not too overwhelmed and maybe get a chance to answer one or two... :) Shell
  17. pansylady

    pansylady New Member

    I have a book by Kathryn Marsden called Good Skin and she also suffered sensitivities. She mentions Proplene Glycol and lyral sulphate as irritants for anyone with sensitive skin. They are also in shampoos. I know some of the Green Peoples products would also irritate me so when I get up the website you can read the list of ingredients so thats why I got the 24hr cream.

    I alos suffer from Candida and food allergies. Chocolate being the main one. It brings me out in hives. I think its because I am allergic to dairy. I take Rice Milk instead. I also eat as much organic as I can.

    If I can see a cleanser that might agree with you I will tell you. I am using Facial remover pads at present for sensitive skin. Its made here in Ireland by a store I shop in. I think its trial and error trying to get the right thing to suit you.

  18. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Would you be able to tell me the brand of the facial wipe/ cleanser you use? Thanks, Shelbo :)
  19. pansylady

    pansylady New Member

    Sorry for not replying sooner. The facial remover pads I use also have chemicals as I googled some and it said they can cause dermatitis. I have watery and itch eyes a lot no matter what I use. At present I cleanse my face with Allergenics body lotion. I am not using any tinted foundation on my face anymore. I am using Green people factor 22 and then just a cover stick by rimmel with just number 7 powder. I cant seem to get a tinted foundation without chemicals. I have a high colour so I need cover of some sort.

    Anything with Proplene Glycol and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate are the worst. Google them and you will see what I mean.

    Take care,
    Pansy lady
  20. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    I was diagnosed with rosacea on my cheeks and nose. My right eye is now running a lot and gets sticky stuff in it. The inside corner got sore and flakey but seems some better now. Do you think this could be rosacea in my eye? I honestly did not know you could get it in your eyes. My eye lids have turned kinda dark red also. I look like I have had a serious illness with the dark areas around my eyes.

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