I have decided the hiring criteria for Mediare and Social

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Pick the person who graduated bottom of their high school or grade school class and the people who are best able to pull answers out of their butt when they don't know them and they will be hired. I have been on the phone with social security and medicare for the last two hours and each person has been dumber than the one before.

    Okay, it's mostly just the Medicare people. You wouldn't believe some of the answers they have given me. If I had a bottle of whiskey now!!

    Okay - I'm done venting.
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    and I would gladly send you that bottle of whiskey! I was my mother's medical proxy and representative payee when she was living, and I dealt with both those wonderful agencies for over five years. I couldn't believe the outright stupidity, rigidity, and rudeness I encountered. not to mention total and complete incompetence.

    My mother was a fairly wealthy woman having married well. however, she also worked most of her life so was entitled to social security benefits. She was generous with me (her only child) and basically let me have free rein of the money which I never abused. I used it to take care of her. the social security people thought because I applied to be her payee (she had dementia) that I was trying to steal her money. they were so downright nasty to me. maybe in their sick little world people do abuse their elders. But that wasn't the case here. She had a goverment pension. She didn't even need the social security. She called it her "play money" (as awful as that sounds cuz I know folks have to live on that and quite frankly I don't know how they manage it). I was always under suspicion.

    Medicare, I will not even go there.

    I'll join you in that drink.

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    that the people from social security were helpful and knew what they were doing when the people from medicare were ver less knowledgeable. The social security lady told me that they were at different levels and she would just leave it at that.

    If I could have had access to the Medicare people's necks. The last straw was when the woman said "you probably don't understand computers but..." I said, that's where you are dead wrong. I specifically asked the last person if she was sure that the information was transferred to Medicare on the same day? Her answer was, yes, they will have it now. My reply was "are you sure you don't have a batch system that updates overnight?" No, it will be there now. I knew she had to be wrong unless she had a magic wand. After I told her that I knew that much she said "oh."

    I've got to retire for the night, they sent me into a tizzy. I got sick after that and couldn't even eat.
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    YOu hit the nail on the head!

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