i have every symptom of hypothyrodism i think

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    Or did someone on here say something about hashimoto's disease.
    intolerance to cold
    dry skin use to be oily
    hair dry
    weight gain
    i have an abudant supply of iron it is high
    puffy eyes
    ankles swell
    when i go to the dr. they do a standard thyroid test this was 3 years ago. i was fine
    i also do not have high cholesterol
    i go to the doc for a physical. you know how they are if you mention you might something they dont
    which i dont
    what kind of thyroid test to ask for.
    Goiter not enlarged
    about 8 years ago went to alternative dr. who use to be a surgeon now due to neuropathy he is integrated med sorry not alternative. he gave me armour said i needed it. i took one
    he did the sensitive test or something. something was high
    Anyway i took one armour pill. had the most horrible flair ever. So what do you think. Was he just guessing? Which all drs are educated guessers.
    When i go to my regular internist. Who is very smart he diagnosed me the first time i ever went.
    He also doesnt like people suggesting or asking>
    So what do i say?
    That was long
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    Since you have high iron, the first thing I would suggest is to be tested for haemachromatosis(just a blood test). This is very important. High iron can do serious permanent damage to your body.

    The minimum tests you need for thyroid are TSH, and thyroid antibodies. High antibodies indicates hashimotos disease. If you can talk your doctor into it, free t3, and free t4 tests are advisable.

    For more info on thyroid tests google comprehensive thyroid assessment.

    Ask for copies of your thyroid tests. If your TSH is above 2. then you've probably got some hypothyroid problem. 1. or slightly under is optimal for TSH. Your test will say what the 'normal' range is, however 'normal' isn't necessarily normal.

    Getting these tests is the first step. Thyroid can be a complicated issue.

    I don't know why one pill of armour would cause a flare. Maybe it was a co-incidence.

    Best of luck.
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    My TSH came back as 3.4 and the doc says its normal but I know otherwise after reading this and also after some countries have now lowered it to 2.

    Its often better to treat the symptoms than rely on tests. Ensure you ask your doc for a copy of any test results.
    I have managed to get some armour online but havent started it yet as it's very important to ensure your adrenals are stable first. (pls no-one advise me to see a dco - I have tried that route and know it's a prescription drug).

    I don't know what strength armour you took but perhaps look at the website above.

    Google Dr Rind's temperature graph and check your adrenal function too. Blood tests will usually show as normal unless you have addison's. It's recommended to do a 24hr saliva cortisol test.
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    my test came back positive then negative but I showed my doc (UK) a paper on this and he put me on levothyroxine. He started me at 25mg and went up slowly - 100mg is too high but 75mg is just right. I am still ill but the underactive thyroid started last nov and I almost instantly gained 14lbs, became depressed, even more tired than usual etc.

    check out drmyhill.co.uk site - she has an article on underactive thyroid which explains this.